Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Canada

Toronto, Canada night city view

Think of Canada and it conjures up images of friendly people, wrapped up warm against the winter cold, in a vast northern landscape with large areas of pristine wilderness to explore. But is Canada a good place to visit, or to live? Let’s explore that question.

The Pros of Visiting Canada

* Canada is, of course, best known for its vast landscapes, its beautiful scenery and wildlife and its national parks, including Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Glacier National Park and many more. Nature lovers will surely always be happy here.

* But Canada is not all about nature. It also boasts a number of fascinating, lively and cosmopolitan cities, including Vancouver, with its parks, landmarks, and historic Gastown area. Toronto, with its soaring skyscrapers and green spaces, marvelous Montreal, with its chic, French feel, and the capital city, Ottawa.

* Each region of Canada has lots to offer, from the Pacific Coastline, to the Rocky Mountains, to the vast forests, to the quaint coast of Nova Scotia – this is a varied place with lots to explore, and plenty of activities and outward bound pursuits available to experience.

The Cons of Visiting Canada

* Further north in Canada, the weather can be extreme. Getting around between the far-flung settlements can be much more of a challenge than you might be used to.

* It is also worth bearing in mind when traveling in the wildernesses of Canada that emergency medical care might not be easily or quickly available.

The Pros of Living in Canada

* Of course, Canada’s beautiful, natural landscapes are a boon for those who live here as well as those who visit. There are plenty of ways here to enjoy nature and keep fit.

* Canada’s progressive government make it highly respected around the world. It’s institutions are stable and highly regarded.

* One of the most famous facts about Canada is its universal healthcare service, funded by the tax system. Medical treatment is free at point of use.

* Whether you just want to work here or want to start your own business, it is good to know that the Canadian economy is booming.

* Violent crime is rare in Canada, this is one of the safest countries in the world.

* Education is high quality as well, and university education is cheaper than in the United States.

The Cons of Living in Canada

* Though the healthcare is a bonus, it is important to realise that this and other services do mean relatively high tax bills. The healthcare system can also mean long wait times for treatment.

* If you are against big government, you may find the government intervention in people’s lives a little too much.

* The high cost of living compared to some other places may also make living here less desirable. Rents, especially in the big cities, tend to be relatively high.

* Finally, becoming a resident can be more challenging here than elsewhere. Canada is well known for its tough immigration rules and criteria, and getting a work visa can be an uphill struggle.

Canada clearly has many things to recommend it – but is it really the right place for you?

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