The Most Unusual and Weird Beaches In The World

Playa Benagil Sea Cave

When we think of beaches, our mind imagines a heavenly place, with white sands, turquoise waters, surrounded by beautiful coconut trees and a warm or tropical climate. But like everything in life there are always its exceptions. That is why we have decided to inquire about what are the most mysterious and unusual beaches in the world.

And the results have been super interesting. From more paradisiacal places that, due to their unusual beauty and difficult access, seem not to be of this world. Even beaches that will serve as scenarios for the best horror movies. Next we will show you the 10 most mysterious and unusual beaches in the world.

Playa Gulpiyuri (Asturias, Spain)

This beach is a beautiful miracle of nature, a particular geological phenomenon. Located in an area near the town of Asturias de Llanes. Gulpiyuri, is known for being “the smallest beach in the world” and “the most unusual in Spain.”

It is a magical place, located between the meadows, planting places and limestone cliffs. That over time they have suffered wear and have allowed the Cantabrian Sea to create a cave inside the cliff. And when the bottom of the east sank, it gave rise to this beach of about 50 meters in diameter and 100 meters of coastline, with turquoise waters and fine sands.

This recognized natural monument is a whim of nature. Where you can see the phenomenon called “drain” when the tide begins to drop.

Playa Benagil Sea Cave (Portugal)

Included in the list of the main places in the world to see . The Benagil beach located south of Portugal , is famous for its particular system of marine cave. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Europe.
An almost unreal place where the beach inside the dome-shaped cave. With its surface uncovered, it gives you the perception of being in a dream.

The caves are difficult to access, you can do swimming, kayaking or boating. It is a beautiful place, ideal to enjoy the company of family or your best friends.

Whitehaven Beach (Australia)

It is considered “the most beautiful beach in the world” and is a section of Whitsunday Island in Australia.
It is recognized not only for its beauty but for its unique white sand of 98% pure silica. What makes its sand extremely thin. So much so that it resembles talcum powder and because of its condition it does not retain heat, ideal for walking barefoot.

In addition to its turquoise waters, its river systems and surrounding mountains make this site a magical and unusual place. This beach can only be accessed by helicopter, seaplane or by boat from Airlie Beach or Hamilton Island.

Escondida Beach (Marieta Islands, Mexico)

The famous “love beach”, as Playa Escondida is known . An archipelago of two islands of volcanic origin near Puerto Vallarta is located in the Isla Marieta National Park . The only way to get to this unusual beach is swimming, hence its name Playa Escondida. Another way to appreciate it is to fly over the area.

If you go swimming, you must do it for about 10 minutes through a tunnel that will take you to the beach. To do this you should consult with experts (local tourism agencies) or locals if you can access. Since when the tide is high it is a very risky activity.

Currently this island was called a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Due to the more than 92 species of native, migratory and underwater birds that live in this site. Among them the blue-footed booby bird that is in danger of extinction. Limiting their access to tourists in order to preserve the park. The beaches of Mexico are well known worldwide for their turquoise waters.

Vik Beach (Iceland)

Filled with mystery, Vik Beach is located in the town of Vík í Mýrdal. With no more than 300 inhabitants, it is considered one of the most populated settlements in southern Iceland. This beautiful beach of black basalt sands and surrounded by rocks that in ancient times were basalt stone cliffs.

It is well known for its mythological stories of trolls. According to the locals, the rocks that can be seen from the shore were trolls. That they were trapped when they dragged their boats towards the sea and were turned into stone at sunrise. The sea is quite stormy and dangerous.

Koekohe Beach (New Zealand)

Better known as the “Dragon Egg” or Koekohe Beach. S and in New Zealand , is one of the most mysterious beaches in the world. The original name of the natural phenomenon that can be evidenced in oval or spherical sea sediment rocks. It is ” Moeraki Boulders” , which are caused by erosion of intense waves, winds and the passage of time. These sediments are scattered along the beach. And geological studies have determined that Dragon Eggs can be about 56 million years old.

These Dragon Eggs show several curious facts, including their size. That can be up to 3 diameters wide.
Another curious fact is that these stones have cracks that nature has covered with quartz. Giving the impression that the eggs had reptile scales.

Without a doubt, it is one of the strangest beaches and with its own stories or legends. Which are reported by the locals or indigenous Maori villages . Those who claim that they are eagles’ eggs, fallen from an ancestral canoe called Ara-te-uru.

The Footwear of the Giant (Ireland)

Located on the North Coast of Ireland, the “Giant’s Causeway” beach . It is surrounded with more than 40,000 basalt columns in hexagonal and pentagonal shapes. Originated about 60 million years ago, by the rapid cooling of the lava of a volcanic caldera. However, the story told by tour guides in the area is very interesting and is part of the legends of the Celts. Those who ensure that the geological formations correspond to the footsteps of giants.

According to legend, one of them was Irish named Fins MacCool and the other was Scottish from the island of Staffa (Benandonner). Those who got along very badly and threw stones at each other creating a path between the two islands. One day the giant of Staffa dared to cross the road to the island of Ireland. And the wife of another giant (Fins), it occurred to him to dress him as a Baby. Seeing him the Scottish giant was impressed by the possible size of the father.

Very scared he began to run to his island, with strong footsteps leaving the footprints of his shoes on the shore of the beach. And sinking the way so that the other giant could never go to the island of Scotland.

The Bright Beach (Maldives)

The starfish of the Maldives or the bright beach , is how Vaadhoo Beach is known worldwide. It is a heavenly place where you can appreciate a great and mysterious natural phenomenon. That despite occurring in other parts of the world, only on Vaadhoo Beach in the Maldives is constant.

The natural phenomenon is scientifically referred to as ” bioluminescence.” What is a process that occurs when plankton comes in contact with oxygen. Achieving a chemical reaction in plankton, which oxidizes one of its proteins called luciferin. When water moves, it converts energy into light .

Allowing to appreciate that beautiful and mysterious blue lights. It is important to mention that the phenomenon can only be appreciated when the day has been high temperatures and the nights are very dark.

Dumas Beach (India)

On the shores of the Arabian Sea, south of the city of Sarat, is Dumas Beach . It is positioned among the most tourist places in the Gujarat area and among the most mysterious places in India. It is a beach of dark sands and the creditor of the most macabre and frightening stories of the area.

Playa Duma , was the cremation center for human bodies until the mid-twentieth century. In India cremation is one of the best options to dispose of their dead. This is because the majority of the population is Hindu. And according to their beliefs the reduction of the body to ashes helps the elevation of the soul.

The truth is that after the cremation process the ashes were scattered throughout the sea. Giving rise to dark and dark stories about this beach. According to locals on this beach there have been sightings of souls of tormented people who were cremated on this beach and never abandoned it.

Just as it is also curious how many people are drowned. And the mystery that surrounds those cases, where in the majority the bodies of the victims are not recovered. The nights at Duma beach are usually creepy. It is said that voices can be heard asking for help or warning them to leave the site.

Dorset Beach (England)

This mysterious place, located on the well-known Jurassic coast of England. It was the first site named as Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Because of its particular geology and geographical features, they have provided endless fossils, such as the ichthyosaur and fossilized trees of the Jurassic.

These beaches are one of nature’s most peculiar oddities, mostly difficult almost inaccessible access. But what is certain is that some have an exotic and inexplicable natural beauty. And others are full of amazing stories that gives it a unique appeal.

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