The Island of Ibiza, Spain – When and Where to Go the Best?

The Island of Ibiza, Mediterranean Sea

Among the hottest tourist destinations in Spain is the Island of Ibiza. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea about 80 kilometers off the Spanish coast, it is one of the Balearic Islands. It has become a common name in popular culture, predominantly known for its happening party scene. Tourists from all over the world visit Ibiza to experience the summer club parties that take place regularly. Because of this, it has garnered a reputation as a place of sex and alcohol. A host of clubs are located in this Spanish island. Ibiza is also home to the famous party district Sant Antoni, which is always busy with tourists.

Ibiza Island on the map and its reviews:

Ibiza may be a Catalan and Spanish-speaking island, but due to its tourism and expatriate population, German, English, and Russian are also regularly spoken there. Therefore, it is a region of multiple languages.

Where to go and stay?

With Ibiza Town, Sant Antoni de Portmany, and Santa Eularia des Riu as the largest cities, this island boasts a Mediterranean climate. During the wintertime, temperatures range from 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to 46 degrees at nighttime. July and August are very hot there with temperatures regularly at the 90-degree mark during the afternoons. Thus, it is no wonder why the island is a hot summer destination.

When it comes to the summertime action, there are no cities like San Antoni in the west and Ibiza Town in the south. In these party cities, you will find amazing and world-famous clubs like Privilege which is the largest club on the globe, the bustling Eden, Amnesia with its foam parties, Es Paradis with its water parties, as well as DC10, Pacha, and the afterparty club called Space. With names like these, you can tell how quickly night turns into dawn in Ibiza.

Music on Ibiza

Summertime brings in more treats for night revelers as famous DJs perform at the clubs. Many DJs present new music to the Ibiza crowd before taking it on to other parts of the world. Thus, the partygoers at the island hear the latest in trance, techno, and house music.

When to go?

The summer season kicks off in June and ends in October. During these months, Ibiza is one big party. A typical clubber’s day includes getting up at noon or later, attending pre-parties after sunset, and then clubbing until the sun rises. Even though the government is trying to change the reputation of Ibiza into a more family-oriented one based on culture, this Spanish island is still party-oriented especially during the summertime. Winters in Ibiza are calmer. This is when most tourists are gone and most of the clubs are closed. Pacha is the only club that is open all through the year. If you plan to travel the Spanish island, but want to skip out on the party, try going there before June or after September. After all, Ibiza has a lot to offer in terms of cultural wealth and beauty. Much of the island consists of UN World Heritage Sites that cannot be developed for commercial use.

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