The Cost of Living in Bonaire for Vacationers

A hut on the Caribbean beach, Bonaire

The Dutch-Caribbean Island of Bonaire is a dream travel destination for many. But what if a vacation is not enough and you are considering a relocation or buying a vacation home in this idyllic island? How much will it really cost to live on Bonaire? Can you afford it? Let’s take a look at the cost of living in Bonaire, by taking a look at some of the basic costs you will encounter:

Property Costs in Bonaire

A city centre apartment on Bonaire costs, on average, around 2,000 USD per Square meter – around 1,800 USD per Square meter outside of the centre. The average rent for a one bedroom apartment is around $633-733 per month, around $1400-1733 for a three bedroom place.

Utilities Costs in Bonaire

The most expensive bills you will have living on Bonaire are likely to be for electricity and water. Of course the balmy climate means that air conditioning is a must – and that obviously comes at a cost. Electricity bills can easily reach in excess of $250 USD per month, and water can be around $75 per month – and a lot more if catastrophe strikes. With a pool, you might pay, on average, an additional $325 per month!

Basic Food Costs in Bonaire

The general costs of living on Bonaire are on average around 30% to 40% higher than the costs of living in the Netherlands. This is largely due to the cost of transporting products to the island. Most products that can be bought here come from the Netherlands, America and Curacao, and a small proportion come from Venezuela.

* Grocery bills can easily skyrocket in the tropics. Though you could potentially bring down the costs by growing at least some of your own food – the lack of rainwater and hungry iguanas and parrots can make this a true challenge on Bonaire. You can expect a grocery bill of around $600 – $800 dollars per month for two adults on average – more if you include luxuries like wine.

* One thing to bear in mind when considering the cost of living in Bonaire is that, if you plan on continuing to work in your new life on the island, you will find that the wages are considerably lower than what you may be used to. This is definitely something to bear in mind when you are thinking about the affordability of your potential new lifestyle.

You may not be thinking about the cost of living clearly when considering your escape to this tropical island. But practical things like this are important to understand if you are seriously considering a relocation. Remember, Bonaire is beautiful – but it is most definitely not the cheapest of places to live – and that is definitely something to take into consideration.

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