The Best Parisian Chocolatiers to Stop by when Traveling to Paris, France

Chocolate made in Paris, France

Chocolate + Paris, France = Love

Paris’s light-filled streets and pleasant parks offer plenty of opportunities to stroll with your loved one hand in hand. But where should you go when you feel like a luxurious treat? There are plenty of wonderful places for chocolate lovers to sample some delicious truffles, beautiful bars or perfect praline throughout the city. But to add some aim to your wandering, here are five Parisian chocolatiers that you should be sure to try.

La Maison du Chocolat, 225 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré

A true pioneer amongst Parisian chocolatiers, this was one of the first places in the city to focus exclusively on chocolate. It has become well known to chocolate-lovers both locally and internationally since it was founded in 1977. Renowned for being innovative as well as providing the classics such as their dark chocolate truffles, this place deserves its place amongst the crème de la crème.

À La Mère de Famille, 35 Rue du Faubourg, Montmartre

If the above chocolatier can be described as a pioneer, this place can be described as ‘the original’. Founded in 1761 by the Dolfi family, this unmissable spot is the oldest chocolatier in Paris. Its quaint facade hides a shop crammed full with a wide selection of sugary confections and chocolate treats. Those in search of authenticity without a hint of pretension should be sure to pay this place a visit.

Edwart Chocolatier, 17 Rue Vielle du Temple, Marais

Locals and savvy visitors alike praise the chocolates made here to the rooftops. Chocolates of this quality are rare, even in a city such as this, and again, this chocolatier easily deserves its place on this list. But what makes this place truly special is the experience. Not only will you get to taste some of the best chocolates and pralines in Paris, you can also learn about chocolate ‘terroir’ from experienced chocolatier and sales staff and be directed to the best chocolates for your particular tastes.

Patrick Roger, 108 Boulevard Saint-Germain

Parisians speak of Patrick Roger chocolates as though they were precious jewels, and when you sample some of these delicious treats you will soon discover what all the fuss is about. When a new limited edition dark chocolate bar is released, the buzz is almost akin to the furore that once surrounded the release of a new Harry Potter book! The artisanal prowess on display here is truly legendary.

Jacques Genin, 133 Rue de Turenne

On the first floor above one of Paris’s finest patisseries, Jacques Genin works magic turning chocolate into works of art. Here, some of the world’s finest chocolate shells are filled with natural and flavoured ganache to create a treat that truly is hard to beat.

Paris is full of gifted chocolatiers, but visit one of these five, fine establishments, and you are sure not to be disappointed. If you know any other great places to try and buy Parisian chocolate, let us know in comments!

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