The Best Greek Islands For Families with Kids to Visit

Greece, beach, the Mediterranean sea

If you are looking for your next family vacation, there are plenty of Greek Islands that will perfectly fit the bill. But to help you make up your mind which one to visit, here are five of the best Greek Islands for families:

Corfu for a Bit of Everything

Corfu Island Greece, Mediterranean sea

Corfu is nestled in the Ionian Sea off the north west corner of Greece. This is a place of two halves – while the coastline is studded by a range of diverse resorts, many swarming with visitors in the summer months, the interior is a rugged and unspoiled landscape of mountains and hamlets, with plenty of beautiful vistas and wonderful wildlife to discover.

Corfu Island on the map:

As well as having a wide range of beaches and all the tourist facilities that anyone would possibly require or desire, Corfu is also replete with culture and history. Corfu was famously home to the naturalist Gerald Durrell, who wrote about his time here with his own family as an idyllic period in his own childhood.

Crete for Ancient Culture

Crete island, Greece, Mediterranean sea

Crete is a large island which truly does have something for everyone. This is one of Greece’s most popular islands and with good reason – a varied and storied history, a vibrant, diverse culture and traditions that reflect the many influences on this island over the years, and, of course, the perfect beaches for which so many of Greece’s islands are known are just some of the attractions here.

Crete Island on the map:

But it is the glimpses of ancient cultures afforded by Crete’s historic sites, such as Knossos and Gortys that really elevate this island as a destination for family vacations.

Naxos for Beautiful Beaches

Naxos town and island, Greece, Mediterranean sea

The largest of the islands in the Cyclades island group, Naxos has a fertile landscape dotted with mountain villages and ancient ruins and skirted by long stretches of beach. It is the island’s beaches that make it such a wonderful family holiday destination.

Naxos Island on the map:

A long strip of sandy beach characterises the south western coast of Naxos, and this is a wonderful place to enjoy diving, swimming and other water-based recreation. Beaches elsewhere on the island, such as the somewhat sheltered coves at Pyrgaki and Agiassos, offer a more relaxed and tranquil beach escape.

Santorini for Family Luxury

Santorini, Greek Island

Santorini is the most popular of all the Greek Islands with holiday makers and regularly tops polls of the best Greek Islands. It centres around a volcanic caldera – the remnants of a volcanic eruption which took place in the 16th Century BC.

Santorini Island on the map:

This eruption was the shaping factor for the island’s landscape and seascape and this volcanic landscape is still one of the island’s major draws today. Families looking for a luxurious vacation will be just as happy here as all the honeymooners drawn to this romantic destination, with plenty of top notch accommodation to choose from.

Folegandros for Peace and Tranquillity

Folegandros, Greek Island

Folegandros is very different to the busier islands of the Cyclades and yet is just as seductive and charming. Just 12km by 4km, Folegandros is a great destination for those who really want to get away from it all.

Folegandos Island on the map:

There are some lovely beaches here – though you’ll have to hike strenuous routes to reach them, or take the easy option and reach them by boat. Folegandros is perfect for those who would like to get out there and explore on two feet, or would simply like to enjoy real Greek culture, food and island characters.

3 thoughts on “The Best Greek Islands For Families with Kids to Visit”

    1. Greece is surrounded by the following seas: Ionian, Aegean, Mediterranean,Thracian Sea and the Sea of Crete. Depending on where you go, the air and water temperature will differ. Summer is perfect for kids as the sea is really warm and they can play and swim as much as they want. But on the Mediterranean side summer is really hot. If you have seniors in your family or can’t bear high temperatures, it’s better to choose West or East side of Greece, Aegean sea.

  1. We just came from Mesongi, Corfu. Corfu is a great greek island for families with kids. Had a lot of fun and it was super relaxing. One of the best vacations we ever did.

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