The Best Fourth of July Parades Around the US

Fourth of July fireworks celebrations

The July 4th festivities represents one of the biggest holidays in the United States and sees millions of people gather in different cities to celebrate the big day. From fireworks, food to patriotic music, July 4th is an essential day in the American calendar. This is when the American people get to have Independence Day celebrations that represent their culture and their place in history. Visiting the July parades in the US is not only an enjoyable experience but is also educational. The following are some of the best 4th of July parades in the United States that you should be looking up to this year when choosing a Fourth of July travel destination.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of the cities that host the biggest 4th of July celebrations in the United States. It has a revolutionary war history and heritage, unlike any other city which makes it the perfect place to carry out independence celebrations. It has various activities lined up for anyone who attends, and the fireworks don’t disappoint either. Boston attracts thousands of people and sometimes millions to mark this special day.

New York City

New York City is famously known for its Macy’s stupendous fireworks that explode into the sky over the Brooklyn Bridge creating a beautiful view for the thousands of people who converge here every year. If you happen to be here during this time and want to get a great viewing place, choose anywhere where you can see the iconic bridge.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is rich with history since that’s where it all began in 1776 when the declaration of independence was signed. Ever since then the city celebrates the big occasion with six days of festivities. Celebrations start from June 29 to 4th July during which people get treated to free concerts, outdoor movies, dazzling firework shows, free museum entry, patriotic ceremonies, parades and kid’s activities. Philadelphia hosts one of the biggest parades in the US, attracting so many people.

New England

New England is rich in America’s history. Its historic cities and towns played a crucial role in America’s independence, so its no surprise to see them celebrate the 4th of July like the big day it is. The city carries out family-friendly events, parades, and some lavish fireworks. New England is well known for its big show, and people like to come together and enjoy their independence.

Chicago, Illinois

For daytime July 4th celebrations, Chicago is the place to be. There is usually a live DJ, various rides and a barbeque feast and hosts one of the best parades in the United States. If you are interested, be sure to catch some fireworks later in the night.

In conclusion

The 4th of July is an important day and represents the country’s birthday. Patriots come from far to celebrate this big day together with some of the most prominent destinations attracting up to millions of people. Usually, there are many events conducted between that time frame and parades represent the loyalty and level of patriotism from the citizens. You will find thousands of people celebrating the day of their independence and its magnificent.

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