The Best Fourth of July Fireworks Around the US

Fourth of July fireworks in Washington DC

Each year, the 4th of July marks an exceptional day to the American people. This is when they get together to eat some hot dogs, have a few drinks, and celebrate the founding of the United States. Of course, the fourth of July is a big day for Americans, and it wouldn’t live to the hype without some stunning fireworks display. Many hometowns across the US prepare for this day by putting on some impressive presentations that anyone would enjoy watching. We’ve compiled some of the best 4th of July fireworks around the US for you to pick when planning a Fourth of July vacation.

New York City

New York hosts America’s largest fireworks display. The iconic department store Macy’s will be taking the responsibility of wishing the nation a happy birthday for the 43rd year in a row. This year the display is expected to be one of a kind and will be returning to Brooklyn Bridge so be sure not to miss the show.


Arizona is quite the place. To mark the big day, Arizona hosts celebrations of freedom in Mesa in Phoenix. The fireworks start sometime around 9:30 pm before which some festivities happen at Mesa Convention Centre as well as the Mesa amphitheater. The best thing with the presentation here is that patriotic displays grace the whole show and live music and games. If you happen to be around the metro Phoenix area, this is the event of the day.


Nashville does value the importance of 4th July and goes all out to make the day memorable. Here, you will find free music throughout the day and don’t forget the choreographed fireworks that match a live set from the Nashville Symphony. This event is famous across the US and attracts approximately 200,000 people every year. If you want to catch a good view of the fireworks, be sure to stand anywhere along Broadway. You can also try Riverfront Park, and if you’re going to avoid big crowds, Cumberland east side is the right spot for you.


Nothing is as beautiful as having a proper celebration before getting entertained with colorful fireworks. Colorado is the perfect place to be thanks to the all-out extravaganza of the July 4th celebrations. This year’s show will feature a free patriotic concert the later wow the audience with an innovative light show. It is the place to be for the big day.

Washington D.C

Talk of patriotism! Washington, D.C is the place to be if you want to catch the Fourth of July celebrations. The fireworks light up the city in a distinguished way. If you need to find a good view, then get a spot on the national mall.

In conclusion

The 4th of July is a big day in the United States. Every person wants to express their patriotism, and they all come out in large numbers to meet and celebrate as a nation. Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without some fireworks, and that’s why many cities put on some shows to mark the country’s birthday. Get a treat of the best fireworks in the above destinations.

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