Thailand For Solo Travelers – Things to Do and Useful Tips

Traveling in Thailand alone

Solo traveling is one of the most exciting and enriching things that we could do in our life. Imagine traveling to exotic places you always wanted to see, making new friends, doing exactly what you want to do all the time. No fights with your travel companion, no wasting time on the things you don’t want to see. Traveling solo is one of the most indulging things you can ever experience.

Thailand has become one of the premier solo traveler destinations because of a number of reasons such as great sights, friendly people, safe traveling and low prices.

Thailand is often called “the land of smiles”. Thai people are friendly, easy going and always smiling. Most of Thai population will speak at least some English. All this makes Thailand a perfect destination for solo travelers as you will not feel alone or uncomfortable.

Where to go?

Thailand is an extremely diverse country in terms of its landscapes, culture and entertainment. Southern Thailand with world-famous beaches and islands, fantastic region of north Thailand, full of mountains and forests, rivers and waterfalls and of course central Thailand with the city of Bangkok in its heart.

* Bangkok is an ultimate blend of modernity and tradition, which can offer something to everyone. The city is dotted with 400 of Buddhist temples and magnificent palaces.

* You should definitely see Wat Phra Kaew (the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand) and the adjoining Grand Palace – the former residence of the King of Thailand.

* You might want to see Wat Pho and Wat Arun – fascinating Buddhist temples of a great beauty.

If you are interested in meditation as one of the most popular practice of Buddhism, Bangkok will offer you various places to experience it. The World Fellowship of Buddhism is the most convenient place to learn about Thai Buddhism.

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Things to do when you are alone

You should certainly try Traditional Thai Massage – a type of massage that involves stretching and deep massage. Thai Massage method is different from what most of Western people think of a massage. It is practiced fully clothed, on the floor mat with no oils. Thai massage brings relief, reduces muscle tension and brings well being to the whole body. Wat Pho, the center of Thai massage in Bangkok, runs two-week courses on Thai massage and is the best place to learn Thai massage.

Don’t miss one of the premier visitor destinations in Bangkok – Siam Ocean World. This largest aquarium in South East Asia will let you see face-to-face myriad of underwater animals from all over the world.

Nightlife is another not-to-be missed attraction in Bangkok. Nightlife in Bangkok can be described as enjoyable, fun and unforgettable. From excellent live music and jazz clubs to trendy nightclubs, from great restaurants to ultra cool bars – everything is there for you. Going for a night out on your own in Bangkok is much safer than in countless cities around the world. However, you should always use the common sense – don’t walk in quiet dark valleys and avoid suspicious places.


Despite the fact that Bangkok is very safe place comparing to other big cities, there is a problem such as thievery – be aware of smooth talking con artists and pickpockets that operate in crowded places like markets and buses.


If you enjoy shopping, Bangkok is a paradise for you. Bangkok is regarded one of the world’s best shopping centers with excellent quality, cheap prices and friendly bargaining. You might like to go shopping at street stalls and markets, where friendly but passionate bargaining is essential. The most famous is Chatuchak – enormous weekend market . This market is a Bangkok landmark, where visitors can buy everything from all over Thailand. You might want to try something more traditional, like shopping centers and hypermarkets, where you can find excellent items for well-reasoned price.

In conclusion

Modern, sophisticated, exciting and mysterious Bangkok will offer you unique travel experience. It reveals to the visitors not only the life of the modern cosmopolitan city, but also unique traditions, culture and heritage. Enjoy this fascinating city where two worlds meet together.

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