Sydney Night Time Attractions for Tourists

Sydney, Australia at night

One of the very best night time attractions in Sydney is the city itself. By this I mean that enjoying the view of the city lit up at night is pretty magical, and one of the best ways to experience it is by boat. Because Sydney sits around the Sydney harbour taking a cruise out into the harbour gives you a great view of the city. There are plenty of ferry’s that will take you out in the evening, so pick one that provides you with a commentary of what you’re seeing if you can, and ideally so that you get to see the sun setting over the city too.

Sydney Observatory is Australia’s oldest observatory and here you can embark on a journey of wonder and discovery seeing the stars and planets through state of the art telescopes. You can also enjoy the 3D space theatre with amazing visual sensations and there is a great programme of exhibitions and special events held here throughout the year.

Sydney has several outdoor cinemas, and the St George Open Air Cinema is one of its best known. During the summer in the Royal Botanic Gardens, this cinema shows premiere movies, old favourites and cult classics on a giant screen right next to the harbour so you can curl up under the stars and watch a great movie with the city and harbour lights twinkling in the background. There is also an al fresco restaurant and bar too.

The Rocks Ghost Tour is a chance to delve into the city’s dark history on a lantern lit ghost tour of The Rocks. You’ll get to enjoy eerie folklore and true tales of murder, hangings and hauntings as you explore the hidden alleyways and unearth the secrets they hold. The tours are led by convict descendants and long-time locals who’s knowledge has been passed down through the generations.

Sydney aquarium is pretty fascinating in the day time, but after dark when there are less people around the tanks are still full of life and take on an almost surreal quality. You can see majestic rays, turtles and dugongs gliding around among the brightly coloured corals and fish as well as seeing secretive nocturnal animals like the platypus.

Luna Park is a fun park with thrilling rides and it is primarily a daytime location. However, on certain nights, the excitement continues into the darkness when it gains a whole new atmosphere and the carnival lights shine brightly in the darkness. A trip up on the ferris wheel offers some spectacular night time views of the city too.

Every Friday night Chinatown has a market with food, stalls and entertainment. You can grab yourself a bargain, have a bite to eat or even have your fortune told here and the atmosphere is quite different to most markets you’ll come across.

What are your favorite places in Sydney after sun goes down?

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