Stingray City, Cayman Islands – Unique Place with Prehistoric Creatures

Stingray City Tours in Grand Cayman

Stingray City is probably one of those unique places which definitely embody the mutual relationship between human beings and animals. These flat and broad creatures, with no distinguishable head, feast on the food offered by humans who come across their habitat while these humans enjoy the magnificent and almost unbelievable experience of being able to observe firsthand and be part of the way of living of these animals.

Stingray City on the map and its reviews:

This existing relationship between the stingrays of Stingray City and the humans did not just come to be when the place became famous as a tourist spot. In fact, this amazing exchange dates back to the discovery of this famous city—one of the most recognized across the globe.

The Place Where It All Began

In the northwest corner of Grand Cayman’s North Sound, there lie the shallow waters which later would be swarmed with stingrays that would be famous worldwide. It is inside a natural waterway which passes through the barrier reef, and later on, due to certain factors, this place would be one of the most well-known sites in Grand Cayman, if not in the whole Caribbean itself.

The Fishermen

Before, fishermen used to stay behind the reef for the calm waters before finally returning to the docks. While staying there, they clean and bone their catch, and they just disposed off the offal in the shallow waters, thinking that the fish will just eat them. But instead, it was the stingrays who feasted on these supposed to be leftovers. Eventually, local divers began feeding these rays too, realizing that these numerous rays could be fed directly by placing the food near their mouths.

Public Discovery

In 1987, Skin Diver Magazine found out about it. Geri Murphy surveyed the place, featured a story regarding its unexpected brilliance, and the rest followed. It’s been already more than twenty years, and the Stingray City is still one of the top must-visit spots in the world. Not only does it attract tourists; it is also featured in different documentaries and are also including in various advertisements as backdrops.

Though it couldn’t be considered new and undiscovered anymore, divers, snorkelers and ordinary tourists alike still find the experience of dipping their feet into the waters full of these prehistoric creatures exciting. And though it’s not easy reaching this astounding place, everything is still worth the hassle as it’s not something that can just occur to you anytime, anywhere.

Stingray City Tours

Stingrays in Stingray City, Cayman Islands

Stingray City, with its vibrant aquatic environment, is one of Grand Cayman’s most popular water attractions. At each passing moment, more and more travelers set out on tours around this famed city, and leave without the slightest bit of disappointment. Every second spent with its alluring waves and enchanting scenery guarantees unmistakable satisfaction.

Just the Right Price

It’s worth a little sting in the pocket! A single cruise will cost adults about US$35-US$40, children under 12 years old US$25-US$30, and children under 4 absolutely nothing. With reasonable prices, men and women of all ages can delight in the breathtaking sensations this marine lover’s paradise has to offer.

Tour Hours

There are usually three main stops in a regular venture around Stingray City, so the whole trip usually lasts for 3 to 4 hours. Morning and afternoon tours are available. It all depends on the package you avail of, so it’s better to keep yourself informed through communicating with your host.

Delightful Destinations

Regular packages’ itinerary kicks off when the guests are picked up from the cruise ship terminal or their respective hotels often found at the Seven Mile Beach. Aboard their designated boats, trippers make their way from one stop to another, always assisted by a friendly crew. Stingray City Sandbar is customarily the first destination, followed by Barrier Reef, and finally, the Coral Garden. Afterwards, everyone is sent back to the terminal or to their hotels.

Stingray City Sandbar

Being literally in touch with nature isn’t a hard feat for Stingray City Sandbar visitors. The sand bar, layered with sparkling water only 3 to 5 feet deep and considered as Cayman Islands’ most popular snorkeling site, is the ideal spot for you to easily befriend and interact with its Southern Stingray inhabitants.

With the aid of knowledgeable crew members, you’ll surely be well-informed and secured in this exciting endeavor, so just enjoy feeding, petting, snorkeling and swimming with these gentle aquatic species — a unique and refreshing experience you should never pass out on!

And of course, before leaving, don’t forget to kiss at least one of around 50 of these rays goodbye so you’ll be blessed with 7 years of good luck. An interesting freebie, don’t you think?

Barrier Reef

Just near the Stingray City Sandbar is yet another enchanting destination: the Barrier Reef. Upon delving into the clear blue, 10 to 15 feet in depth, armed with snorkeling equipment, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a rainbow of tropical fish and coral formations. This place will surely satisfy anyone’s visual cravings.

Coral Garden

Far from the shore lies Coral Garden, the underwater haven for snorkeling fanatics that features a kaleidoscope of marine life. Apart from the frisky tropical fish, exquisite coral formations and fascinating plant life that thrive all around, this aquatic playground is also shared by green see turtles. You’ll instantly be captivated by the various superb images that this aquatic dimension holds. It is yet another place that guarantees you a satisfying visual feast.

The perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, and experiencing wildlife at its best, what more can you ask for from such a paradise? Give in to the tantalizing waves, reefs and rays of Stingray City and engage yourself in one of the finest aquatic adventures the world has to offer. Surely, a single trip will be worth your while.

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