Spring Break Vacations in South Beach, Florida

Miami Beach, South Beach, Florida in Spring

There are a lot of desirable Spring Break vacation destinations but none quite as desirable as one in South Beach, Florida. The sandy white beaches and the beautiful ocean, not to mention, a nightlife scene that won’t quit, are the reasons why South Beach is such a popular destination for college students who have just had enough of cold weather, studying night after night and seemingly endless examinations. Spring break is the time to go soak up some rays and do some serious big-time partying. www.travelrows.com

It really isn’t hard to see why South Beach is one of the spring break vacation destinations that college students find the very most desirable. Reservations must, of course, be made very early in order to acquire the best accommodations.

The water sport opportunities are many and varied. There is swimming in the ocean or in the many spectacular pools. There is boating…sail boats can be rented by the day and there are also charters available. You might want to swim with the Dolphins or go deep sea fishing. You can scuba dive, Kayak or parasail.

Spring break is all about partying! There probably isn’t another place on planet Earth that is more geared toward the on-going party. Clubs do not close in South Beach until 5AM. ‘Hot’ clubs come and go at an alarming rate in South Beach. What was hot last year, according to your older brother, may not even still be in existence this year. You need to do your research and plan your nightlife partying at the same time your make your sleeping accommodation reservations. You wouldn’t want to go where the party is NOT, now would you. A little planning can make your spring break vacation spectacular and you can make memories that will keep you warm on a lot of cold winter nights.

You will want to sample every one of the large varieties of cuisines that are available in South Beach while you are on your spring break vacation. Feast on Greek, Colombian, New World Caribbean, Mediterranean. Mexican, Italian, Cuban or Vietnamese fare. The usual offerings of pizza, hamburgers and fries are also available on nearly every street. You won’t have to live on soda and candy bars in South Beach like you do at some spring break vacation destinations, for sure!

South Beach is filled with beautiful sights and beautiful people. You just never know what famous person you may see on your spring break vacation to South Beach. South Beach is known as the playground of the rich and famous….it’s the hangout for the beautiful people who are known far and wide. It is the place to see and be seen!

It has been said that a spring break vacation at South Beach is like a trip to a movie set/fashion shoot/tropical paradise all rolled into one glorious and unforgettable package. That is a pretty good description of the way it feels in South Beach during spring break. Fun in the sun, excitement, glamour, everlasting parties…they have it all in South Beach!

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