Shopping in the Cayman Islands – Popular Products and Souvenirs

Woman shopping in Cayman Islands

Imagine what it would be like if downtown New York, London, or Paris were just short strolls from white sand beaches with turquoise seas. Wouldn’t that be nice? Dream no further because Grand Cayman in the Caribbean offers a high end shopping experience in a real island paradise.

Bring your money bags and your must-have list because shopping here may cost you a fortune since there are lots of merchandise available that could tempt you into a shopping spree. Not to worry though, as your shopping escapade to Grand Cayman would definitely be worth it with the lovely local treasures and the mere experience itself of shopping along one of the finest places in the world, especially if you do it while on vacation.

Most people say that store prices in Grand Cayman can be extremely expensive. However, if you know about the high costs commanded by designer goods, you would be amazed on how much you can save when you buy from one of the many stores that are part of the island’s shopping districts.

Grand Cayman: Shopping for Watches and More

George Town, the island’s capital, and Seven Mile Beach, both on the western part of the island, are the premier places for shopping. There are many specialty stores and establishments that are right next to each other that accommodate thousands of tourists who visit this popular vacation center annually.

Kirk Freeport has several malls located in George Town which specializes on selling fine luxury goods is a mecca of high-quality luxury items and designer goods. You can find in each mall cosmetics, perfumes, bags, and other leather goods from famous luxury brands like Estee Lauder, MAC, Chanel, Bvlgari, Fendi, Tumi, Lancel and Longchamp. Watches in particular are very wise purchases from Grand Cayman. Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Breitling, Ebel, Gucci, Technomarine and Cartier are among a wide selection of notable watch brands that set lower prices for their watches here compared to US and Europe.

Queen’s Court Shopping Center, on West Bay Road at Seven Mile Beach, has about everything your shopping list desires, it’s a perfect place to do some last minute shopping before going home. Also on West Bay is, West Shore Shopping Center and Galleria Shopping Plaza that houses upscale boutiques and galleries. There are also unique and beautifully-made handicrafts available at the Heritage Crafts Shop in the capital.

Island Companies Ltd. is known for duty free retailing on the island. Be on the lookout for toucans beside store entrances and that’s a guarantee for great service and major savings on whatever is on your shopping list.

Cayman Islands Rum Cakes

Right across West Shore Shopping center, rum cakes, the area’s famous export, are sold in one of Tortuga Rum Company’s many branches on the island. Rum Fudge, Original Rum, Coconut, Blue Mountain Coffee, and Banana are just some of the many delectable rum cake flavors you can enjoy from this company. If by any chance you that you can’t visit Tortuga Rum Company stores, these soft, spongy, strong-flavored cakes are sold almost everywhere on the island. Rum cake stores give free taste and samples of their product, and they also come in different sizes and they have various flavors added to complement the kick you get from the rum.

Crystals and Jewelry

Jewelry stores can be found on almost every corner. Shops boast exquisite collections that feature the beauty of caymanite, gold, sterling silver and gorgeous gems. Black coral pieces can also be found on sale but they are rare and endangered so you probably should not buy them.

The Lalique Boutique has crystal jewelry and furnishings and Lladro Boutique has porcelain figurines. Both are also in Kirk Freeport Bayshore Mall and each also has its own stingray-themed pieces. For fine English china and Irish crystal don’t miss the Waterford and Wedgewood Boutique on the Kirk Freeport Cardinall Avenue area.


It would not be a complete Grand Cayman shopping experience without paying a visit to the boutique of Bernard Passman in George Town. Passman creates masterpieces using coral and as a testament to his talent, his works are even owned by British royals as well as the Pope.

If you are in the market for island-made art, there are many art and photo galleries you can visit, as well as personal galleries of Caymanian artists. Admire the artworks by Charles Long, Gladwyn Bush aka Miss Lassie, Cathy Church and Canadian-born Joanne Sibley to name a few. Even if you’re not in the market, you’re free to browse through their ateliers but it’s imperative that you call ahead so they can accommodate you.

Cuban Goods

Because of its nearness to Cuba, Cuban goods can also be bought on the island. Check out Puro Rey for Cuban items. Cuban cigars are not allowed to be imported to the US though so you’ll have to smoke all your cigs while you lounge at the beach. Being a British territory, you also can get nice deals on British goods. Photography equipment bought on the island can also give you savings. If you’re looking for sunken and hidden treasures, you can skip the arduous adventure and just search the town for unearthed trinkets. Most are restored and free of gunk and some are mixed with other elements to form modern antique designs.

In Conclusion 

Grand Cayman offers a unique shopping adventure that any shopping buff would yearn for. From shopping for products that scream Caribbean, to buying gifts for your loved ones, to bringing them a tiny token of memory like the rum cake, everything your island shopping list craves for is just right here. The whole experience of visiting the colorful shops, of scrutinizing every wonderful product to the tiniest detail, of walking further down the road to look for the cheapest prices is one of a kind – something that would make you want to come back, and have an all new different experience once more.

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