Sevilla, Spain – General Information About the City

Seville city, Spain

Seville, Spain – sometimes spelled “Sevilla” – is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. When you visit, you’ll find orange trees, jasmine blossoms, and bougainvillea around every corner in this city. There are beautiful palaces, courtyards, and city squares found in Sevilla – so much so that you might feel as if you’ve walked into a living museum. This beautiful city has always been home to Spanish royalty, and the sense of history there is almost palpable. If you’re looking for a unique travel experience that combines a rich history with a warm, exotic present, a trip to Sevilla just might be in your future.

Seville on the map:

Getting to Seville

You have several travel options when it comes to visiting Seville. There are many motorways into Sevilla from the larger cities in Spain, including the A-4, A-66, A-92, and the A-49 from cities such as Madrid, Merida, Huelva, and Malaga. For this reason, many travelers make Sevilla a side-trip as part of a visit to one of Spain’s larger cities.


You can also travel to Seville by train. A trip by rail from Madrid takes about three hours, while a rail trip from Barcelona can take up to nine hours. However, the cheapest option for getting around Europe is the bus system, and there are two large bus stations in Sevilla that offer service to many popular European countries. There are also smaller bus lines that will take you through the city and surrounding areas if you plan to remain near Sevilla.


If you’re flying into Seville, the airport is located about four kilometers from Sevilla’s center. The Sevilla Airport is an international airport and there are many daily flights into and out of the country. Consequently, you’ll find that the airport has several traveler amenities, including ATMs, currency exchange, and information booths. Airfare to Sevilla from New York City is currently about $800 on United Airlines, although there are cheaper flights available for purchases more than two weeks ahead of time.

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There are many fine hotels in Sevilla, as well as quiet bed-and-breakfasts – there’s really something for everyone in this city. Nightly rates run from 75 to 200 Euros for most hotels, although you can find cheaper accommodations if you’re willing to consider staying in a hostel. You’ll also find a terrific assortment of fine restaurants, but one of the most famous things in Sevilla to experience is the tapas bars.


While in Seville, you simply must visit the tapas bars. Tapas is a dining tradition that involves beginning at one bar and having a glass of wine and tapas – small portions designed to be shared – before moving on to the next bar for more wine, conversation, and tapas. This continues until you’re full and satisfied. You’ll find this experience is most prevalent in the Santa Cruz barrio, where you’ll find a line of bars that specialize in different tapas and wines. Some of the most popular tapas dishes include pinga, which is a small piece of toast with pork, chorizo, or bacon, and montaditos, which are pieces of bread topped with sausages, anchovies, or blue cheese and walnuts.

Places of interest

Gold Tower in Seville

Seville also has many places of interest to visit, including the Royal Fortress, which is considered to be a must-see for travelers. It’s a beautiful palace that features incredible Gothic architecture and is definitely worth the time to see. Another highlight in this city is the Casa de Pilatos, which is a gorgeous private residence that’s open to the public. There are also many museums and cathedrals to visit that will help you to learn more about the beautiful city of Sevilla.

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