Seven Reasons Why You Should Visit Las Vegas for Your Next Vacation

Las Vegas, Nevada

With summer holidays arriving soon, most people begin making a list of places to visit, activities to do, and a list of cuisines to try. Planning a vacation not only gives you a break from the hectic lifestyle. But it also reduces your stress levels, energizes you, and replenishes your depleted energy. Furthermore, you also get the opportunity to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Planning a vacation doesn’t necessarily mean you always have to go for a world tour or to multiple cities in one go. You can choose one city that has the best tourist destinations and then go for it. In our opinion, Las Vegas is one of those cities that gives you a very different cultural experience. A city designed for adults and their leisure and pleasure. Las Vegas is like an amusement park but specifically for adults. It is famous for the obnoxious and flashy gambling scene, but there is a lot more to it than that. Being in the middle of the desert, with its large hotels, pools and beautiful casinos, and the famous Strip, Las Vegas deserves a whole vacation dedicated to it and a spot on everyone’s bucket list.

Following are the top seven reasons why you should visit Las Vegas:


High profile casinos have always been the centerpiece of many Hollywood movies like Ocean’s Eleven, mobster movies like God Father, and many more. Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world that is no secret. All sorts of gambling are not only legal. Betting on sports, slot machines, poker, blackjack, anything you want to bet on this city has it. These casinos are significant glamorous structures, with all sorts of services for their players. The waiters and butlers, serve drinks and food on the game table. If you have rented a private room, you get exclusive room services. Some casinos even offer, neck and shoulder massage on the game floor for their customers if they want it. That doesn’t mean that are no attractions for non-gamblers. There are multiple games they can play like beer bong, PAC-man, pinball; they are not kidding when they say it’s an adult playground. Not only that, but there are also numerous restaurants and bars packed within these casinos that all boost their unique specials. All you need to do is get a place close by to the Strip and enjoy the food, games, drinks, spas, pools, live performances by various artists at these casinos, and have a ball. It’s better to book your hotel room online to avoid risking, not getting a place when you reach your destination. You can check out

Bellagio Fountains

These fountains are built right in front of Bellagio Casino, they, however, are a public place, can be visited by anyone without any cost. They are one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city and a very romantic spot for couples to go together. The fountains have a show every thirty minutes during the day and every fifteen minutes during the night, coupled with music and lights. Hence it attracts quite a crowd every time it sets off. Many famous musicians have held their performances at the Bellagio Fountains, surprising the onlooking crowd. The spontaneous musical performances and themed musical fountain show have made Bellagio fountains very famous. The tables at restaurants looking over the fountains charge extra, and the hotel rooms facing the fountains are more expensive because of the high demand.

New York-New York Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

New York-New York Hotel and Casino is built reminiscing the Manhattan skyline. The hotel hosts multiple bars, a casino, and a very famous circus, called Cirque Du Soleil. There is Hershey’s World with more than 800 different types of chocolate available. This block is most famous for the roller coaster that goes around the whole faux city, giving a beautiful view of Southern Strip if you can keep your eyes open during the ride. The roller coaster winds up and down around the buildings making it a unique and exhilarating experience.

Mob Museum

The Mob museum packs the history and artifacts of the notorious criminal underbelly of this city and the country. Museum holds heirlooms of illegal families from the 20th Century. From the museum, you can get all the information about the illegal families who rose to fame in the 20th Century and ran many successful criminal rings for decades. Also, it details the missions the FBI undertook to dismantle these organized criminals’ rings, which controlled much of the gambling and drug scene of the country and globally. The staff at the museum is known to be well-informed about this history. It makes sense that the museum about the crime is in Sin City. If you are a history buff and a crime nerd, this place is one of a kind.

High Roller Observation Wheel

This Observation Wheel diameter is more significant than that of the Observation Wheels of London and Singapore. The Observation wheel gives a beautiful view of the whole Strip in its one single round. The pods are pretty large and can hold up to forty people. You can opt for a pod with a bar and enjoy a happy hour while watching the scenic view of the city. The ride is also family-friendly, and you can take it along with your children.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is in Nevada and is about 13 miles away from Las Vegas. You can take a long drive with your partner or friends there and enjoy the scenic view. Red Rock Canyon is a National Conservation Area, though the entry fee is pretty nominal. It also has hiking trails, so if you are a hiking enthusiast, you really should plan a hike with your friends and take a go at these hiking trails. As the hiking trails are a bit difficult, so make sure you are fit enough to do them. They also have different opening and closing times, so plan your trip so that you get back from the hike before it closes.


This place attracts a lot of automobile enthusiasts from all over the globe. SpeedVegas has the best muscle sport cars from all over the world like Ferrari, Audi, Ford, Lamborghini, and you want it; they have it. This place lets you take one lap around the track in your dream machine. Though sitting in the driver’s seat is quite expensive, but then cars are a costly hobby, and these are very, very expensive cars. SpeedVegas attracts a lot of car race enthusiasts as it provides the longest and fastest race tracks. So if you loved racing games growing up, this place is your one shot at being behind a real staring wheel of a muscle car, a considerable upgrade from your keyboard.


Las Vegas infamously called sin city because of its mostly adult attractions. A lot of things that are not allowed anywhere else are indeed legal in this city, but this city is more of relief from organized and well-structured life for a few days, a place to let go and have fun like children. Hence, it’s a good idea to consider visiting this place on your next vacation.

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