Seven Basic Tips on How to Book Cheap Flights

A beautiful sunset and airplanes

Airfare is one of the biggest cost of travel. This is something that we can’t avoid from paying especially if there’s no overland travel alternative to your destination. Luckily, there are so many things that we could do to be able to save money on airfares.

Here are ten tips on how to book cheap flights that could help save you money on your next travel:

Plan Your Travel on Low Season: Traveling during the low season will not just save you money on flights but as well as on accommodations and other travel related expenses since the prices during this time is lower in comparison to the other months of the year. Just make sure though that you book your flights right before or after the low season as the weather during these times is better. Traveling during the low season also means that there will be less people in your target destinations and most tourists spots are less crowded.

Sign Up with Various Airline Newsletters: Want to know the airline promotion ahead of the crowd? Then sign up to their mailing list so you’ll get to know their promotions as soon as they become available.

Book Ahead: Most airline promotions though are scheduled a few months in advance thus to avoid incurring unnecessary re-booking charge, make sure that you have filed your vacation leaves on those dates and that you know that your company will allow you to take those vacations on the said dates.

Compare Prices: Before you buy any tickets, compare the prices of various online booking engines such as CheapoAir or Kayak and then find the lowest price available. After finding the cheapest airfare, go directly to the airline’s website to check if they’re offering a lower rate. Sometimes, booking direct is cheaper although it wouldn’t hurt to compare prices first. If you also have some time, try contacting your local travel agencies in town and check if they could give you a better rate than the ones you saw online.

Travel Light: Pack some light clothes and make sure that you travel with the allowable luggage limit to avoid paying for excess baggage fees. In case you’re intending to shop a lot in your target destination, then travel with less clothes and stuff and just use your newly bought clothes in your destination. A lot of airlines also offer an option (for a fee) to upgrade your baggage allowance which you can do online. So at least 48 hours before you fly (check your preferred airline’s policy on this), you can log in to your account with the airline and upgrade your baggage allowance (if needed be) to avoid paying excess baggage fee at the airport which is more costly than pre-paying it.

Fly with Budget Airlines: Budget airlines offer cheaper rates (most of the times) than regular airlines (although sometimes, they tend to be more expensive especially during peak season). The service though is of course different as you’re paying less so be sure to manage your expectations. Budget airlines also often have promotions that you could take advantage of to save money on airfares so make sure to sign up with their newsletters.

Earn Miles (or other Reward Points System): A lot of airlines offer miles (rewards points) every time you fly with them (or with their airline partners). You can in turn use this in the future to redeem free flights or free upgrades.

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