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Senior travel

You have worked or raised kids (or both) your whole life. Now, that you have retired it’s time to think about yourself, travel, have fun and enjoy life. No matter what age and health you are, single, couple or a group of a knitting club – we will take care of your vacation. Come with us, explore the world, do the things you dreamed about.

Senior Tours and Cruises

When booking a senior tour, our travel company pays attention to each and every your detail and request. We find the best travel option for you and your family or friends. The most popular senior requests:

  • Adult only hotels
  • Adult only cruises
  • Adventure travel for seniors
  • All inclusive vacations and packages
  • Assistance travel
  • Christmas vacations
  • Cross country bus tours
  • Day trips
  • Educational travel
  • European river cruises
  • Guided tours
  • Holy Land tours
  • Interest groups
  • Lat minute trips
  • Local bus tours
  • Long stay vacations
  • National parks tours
  • Pets friendly trips
  • Private transportation
  • Religious trips
  • Senior bus tours
  • Singles senior tours and cruises
  • Small ship cruises
  • Small group tours
  • Solo travel tours for seniors
  • Themed cruises and tours
  • Outback tours
  • Walking tours for seniors
  • Weekend getaways
  • Women only tours
  • World cruises

Please contact us for the great options available in 2019 – 2020 – 2021 years

Escorted Travel Groups

Escorted tours and vacations are designed for senior groups who want to see the world and feel save during their journey. All the escorted tours are custom and include only people who you know – friends, relatives, clubs. We guide any group sizes (max. depends on the tour or cruise supplier, transportation or other activities chosen by group) from any locations with departure from the USA. For groups with departure from other countries please contact us.

What is included in services?

We provide exceptional travel services from A to Z to make sure our clients feel comfortable from the beginning till the end of the trip:

  1. Getting your requirements
  2. Figuring out the itinerary
  3. Planning the trip
  4. Checking all the documents
  5. Booking with the desired company/supplier/operator
  6. Help with choosing travel insurance
  7. Help with choosing the best cancellation plan
  8. Meeting at the required place
  9. Flight together
  10. Cruising on the same ship or staying in the same hotel
  11. Going together to shore excursions, shopping and any other trip activities
  12. 24/7 support during vacation, trip
  13. Escorted return home to the required place

If something you need is not listed here, just drop me a line and I will tell if we provide it or not. We strongly recommend to book your group travel in advance so we have enough time for getting ready for the trip.

Why you should book a senior trip with a travel agent?

Although, retirement time is one of the best for traveling, there are some moments that can make booking a trip complicated:

  • Fear to make a mistake in booking a hotel or airfare
  • Difficult to go through so much information in internet
  • High chance of running into a fraud website or a timeshare
  • Choosing a safe destination
  • Choosing the best activities for this age
  • Finding suppliers that offer the best senior discounts or deals
  • Other issues

We will help you and do our best to make your vacation safe and sound.

The most popular interest based and themed tours:

  • Food and wine tasting
  • Gardening shows
  • Cruisetours

The most popular destinations:

  • Alaska
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Hawaii
  • New England
  • South America
  • USA

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I buy a tour or cruise for my family member or a friend?

Yes, you can purchase a tour for elderly parents, older adults or somebody you love, make it a gift or sign of care. But we will have to communicate with the person who travels and make sure he/she wants to do it 🙂 No surprises 🙂 Often kids decide for their parents that they HAVE to travel or see this or that place. We care of the traveler first of all. Traveler should want it and realize where he/she goes and feels safe about it.

Can you help me to find a companion near me?

Traveling alone for seniors is ok but not the best option. If you have a difficulty finding a companion – the best would be to join a club of your interest and invite them to travel with us. In case, if you need help, send us a request and we will see what we can do. You can also join our forum and find a travel buddy by age  there: starting a topic just mention age range like – 55 plus or any other like 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 and so on.

Do I need a medical evacuation coverage?

When traveling you are responsible for your health condition. Even if your doctor says that you are perfectly fine for traveling it will not hurt to get some really good medical coverage for your trip. You will have to decide yourself what to include in your travel medical insurance plan.

Are there any vacations for senior citizens with limited ability, handicapped or disabled?

Sure! Please contact us and we will find you the best options. More information will be added to this page soon.

Useful links for senior travelers:

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