Sanibel and Captiva Islands, Southwest Coast of Florida

Sanibel and Captiva islands beaches

Sanibel and Captiva islands are located just off the Southwest coast of Florida. They are situated between Fort Myer and Naples in the Gulf of Mexico. The two islands are connected by a bridge and both are real tropical island paradises.

Sanibel is all tourist all the time while Captiva is one of the most exclusive islands in the world. There are many famous people who call Captiva Island home. The identities of the famous people who are current residents of Captiva at the present is a closely guarded secret but famous people of the past who have been visitors and part-time residents include Teddy Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh and his wife, Anne Marrow Lindbergh, as well as, the very famous Ding Darling who certainly left his mark on the area.

Sanibel and Captiva Islands on the map and its reviews:

The attraction of Captiva Island to the rich and famous as well as to the rest of us mere mortals is obviously the near perfect weather, the sandy white beaches and the relaxed island atmosphere.

On Captiva Island there is no poverty…none! According to the 2000 census the average median income for households in the CDP (Census Designated Place) the per capita income was $76,139 and there were no families living in Captiva below the poverty line. Seventy-five percent of the population is over the age of 45. More that 98% of the population is white. The crime rate is practically non-existent. No wonder it is considered paradise with a capital P.

Captiva is so narrow that you can actually see both the Gulf of Mexico and the Bay from the same spot at many locations. There is a very casual and small-town feel to the village on Captiva. You really don’t even need wheels to get around the island. The services are limited and the shops are small but the basics with a high-end flair are all available. The bay or the Gulf is never more than a five minute walk away.

Beyond the village there are the two miles that make up Captiva’s northern end. This is where the very large and luxurious South Sea Island Resort is located.

All of the beaches on Captiva Island face west. The amazing tropical sunsets are breathtaking and both the locals as well as the tourists often gather on the beaches to enjoy these wonderful events.

All of the usual water sports like fishing, swimming, boating and snorkeling are available on Captiva Island. Fishing is very big on Upper Captiva Island. However, if you wish to see a play or attend a concert you will likely have to drive to nearby Sanibel to find those things. There is a great deal of live music to be found on Captiva Island in the bistros, restaurants and lounges, though.

Captiva island is truly a world unto itself. It is like no other place on earth and even though it is just across the bridge from Sanibel Island and is even mentioned in the same breath very often, it is completely different.

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