San Marcos River Tubing, Float and Parks Experience, Texas

San Marcos River Tubing

The San Marcos river is a spring fed source of water that provides a wonderful tubing experience. If you are on of those that haven’t gone tubing on the San Marcos river, you really need to give it a try! It is connected with the Guadalupe river in New Braunfels and found in San Marcos, Texas.

It has got waters just great for swimming, tubing and other activities. Even more, its water clarity is spectacular with wide easy stretches, and you can enjoy its activities in a warm water. And if you find yourself in this city during its warm seasons, you would surely like to take some time off to partake in some of these activities.

San Marcos river on the map:

Tubing is one activity the locals love to enjoy; it happens to be a great leisure activity for lots of Texans, especially in the warm weather. As a spring-fed source, its waters happen to be one of the cleanest you can find anywhere, probably 10 times cleaner than the standards of drinking water set by the EPA!

Tubing Experience In San Marcos

Tubing basically means the sport or activity floating on an inner tube and riding it down a river or snowy slope; and tubing in the San Marcos river is the same as tubing in every other river. You can tube in its waters for as long as you would like; and if you get tired, you can either enjoy a refreshing relaxation along its banks, or visit the nearby parks where picnics usually hold and people gather to enjoy themselves away from the water.

And if you are done socializing, simply make your way back to the river and tube all over again! Its waters run steadily, making it great for both tubing and socializing, as it is common to have conversations with other tubers and even drink your favourite beverages.

Making friends and meaningful connections is also very easy, and when you consider its scenery, atmosphere, and waters, everyone seems to be in a good mood, because they’re having such a great time! That usually comes as a surprise though, if you arrived expecting a quiet tube ride down the river.

River tubing season

In San Marcos, the summer usually gets very hot and there are not many better ways to chill and cool off, than tubing down the waters of the San Marcos river, especially during the midday and afternoons (which constitute the hottest times of the day). Due to summer’s heat during the day, everyone around surely wants to go tubing, so you might find the river a bit crowded.

If this occurs while you’re there, you might want to spend some time along its sides until the crowds disperse a little bit. Rest assured, the river is open for tubing and tubers all day long, so if you feel it is too crowded for you, it won’t be for long, as the crowds get lesser with time, and you can set off into the river, floating on and on, on a large tube.

The float distance is about a mile, and it is surely possible to float for a longer distance with a do-it-yourself tubing trip. As soon as you are done, if you want to do it all over again you can simply take a walk lasting about ten minutes back to the beginning and start tubing all over again, or catch a shuttle back to the starting point, via the Lions Club of San Marcos.

The right safety precautions need to be taken and every equipment required should be available in order to enjoy the tubing experience. In San Marcos, Texas, tubing is generally considered as one of the top activities.

Due to the vastness of the San Marcos river, it can be quite confusing to tourists, and people who have never taken part in any of its water sports. If you’re a first-timer, please do well to make some inquiries regarding the appropriate equipment and guidelines in order to maximize safety for you and those with you. Also, try to ensure that you rent the appropriate tubing equipment, which is basically a tube of the right size, and you’re all set!

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