Running Tours and Cruises – Travel and Run for Fun or a Marathon

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I LOVE to run. And TRAVEL 🙂 Do you? Then, this page is for YOU! There are lots of themed tours and cruises and running is a part of it. Some people enjoy culinary tours, some people like to play golf on the world’s best gold courses but what about us, the ones, who likes to run? How does it work? What are the options, reasons, useful tips and all that on this page.

Why to run and travel?

There are different ways of running and traveling but all of them have the same reason. To run in a new place. It can be boring to run in your neighborhood everyday. If you just add some travel into it a few times a year, that’s much more fun. And if you have some friends to join you, that’s even better!

Remember about your safety! Always follow safety rules when choosing a new place to run. Your life is always more important than a new place to discover or a cool selfie.

Does not matter how small or big your travel plans are – A National Park near you or a London Marathon, this is all related to travel. Head to a new trail that you have never been on or run around the city you live in. Pick a few sightseeings or read it’s historical info the day before. Running and traveling is fun, you go through interesting spots faster, you mark the places you can visit later with your friends or family, you discover and observe.

Your first running trip – tips and advices 

* If you just start, remember to pick a destination with good weather conditions. You can still choose Hawaii or Thailand for your first run but then make sure you are going in it’s colder season. We do not want you to have a heat attack there.

* Do not bring brand new running gear with you. Wear the shoes you got used to. Something comfortable and trustable.

* Find a good way to secure your phone on your body. I am not sure if you will want to stop and take some great pics but I do it. That is what you are traveling for. For great views and memories. Your phone also is a very important way to contact emergencies, running partners and for maps.

* Pick a destination with easy running route. Make sure there is a park or a trail. Do not pick a crowded city for your first running experience. Stay away from big roads, especially overseas. If you need help to find something good and safe, just contact me.

* Decide, what type of running you are looking for. There is a big difference between road and trail running. Running in an area with hills or flat land. Windy mountains or city center with lots of lights. It can be really frustrated when you are not mentally prepared. I remember how frustrated I was on my first trail race 🙂

* Get a small backpack with water and towel if you plan a long run. Not everyone likes to run with some stuff hanging off them but sometimes you just can not do without it. Do not stuck all possible things in your backpack. I know how tempting it is to put this and that. Nope, keep it light 🙂

* Make sure you have some stomach medicine in your trip. Eating in unknown country some local food can cause diarrhea. Suffering from diarrhea in your air-conditioned hotel room is much easier as compare to a running day. You do not want to cancel your running plans.

* Be aware of dogs in the streets. Some countries and cities have dogs roaming the streets.  It does not mean that you have to equip yourself from head to toes but just keep it in mind and slow down if you see a not very friendly and wild running dog-team. For example, it is a common thing in Russia when free-ranging dogs get together when following a she-dog and they become pretty aggressive.

* Get your travel insurance. Just do it. It does not cost a lot. I know how self-confident are most of the travelers and my clients are among them. I have heard enough terrible stories with injured travelers abroad that are not able to handle medical and hotel bills out there while recovering.

* Find a running partner. When traveling it has tons of advantages. Among them – it’s cheaper to share a room in a hotel or a cabin on a cruise, it is safer, it is more fun to do things besides running and there is always somebody to take a pic of you 🙂 If you need a travel partner, register on our forum and post a message here:

Sign up for a race or a marathon

Good thing about purchasing a running tour or a cruise is that they actually help a lot with signing up for a race or a marathon. They take all organizational moments (or at least some of them), often customized and tailored for you.

You definitely can sign up yourself. Read instructions and head to your destination. More important – is to plan your entertaining side there.  You goal is to travel and run. How to? How do people put together entertaining and running, especially marathons that wear you out? Here are a few tips on how to travel and race:

  • Pack all you need for the race first and leave some space for casual clothes
  • Plan enough time for sleep and rest and then for sightseeings
  • If your race is on a higher altitude arrive there 1 week in advance, this will help to get used to weather and climate as well
  • Never try new local food before your race or marathon
  • Rent an apartment instead of a hotel room if you need to cook special food for yourself
  • Put your running gear in a carry – on instead of a suitcase. If your luggage is lost you may stay without equipment
  • Check on the map race location, your accommodation, local attractions, traveling and racing is one of those trips “must plan” in advance

Travel part. It is up to you when you want to travel. Before the race you have to save energy, after the race you are worn out and do not have much power for switching sightseeings. Just plan it so you can survive 🙂 If you need help with planning an itinerary that will both entertain you and save energy, contact me.

The best running destinations

Visit this page for the list of all great running destinations by country:

Contact me for help with booking your trip there and help with planning an itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions

My physical shape is not great, should I even try and run on my vacation?

Willing to run is more like a state of mind but not your physical shape or intentions not to gain weight in an all-inclusive report. Does not matter in what shape you are, you can run on a territory of a luxury resort in Maui or purchase a real running tour. Running tours or cruises does not require you to be an athlete. Your desire to enjoy the view on a run is enough. By the way, nobody makes you run all the way. You can run and walk when you need a break 🙂

Is a running tour expensive?

I would say, it is not expensive but yes, specialized tours and cruises are usually a bit higher in price for its organizational side. That does not mean that you have to buy some special and super expensive gear or do some other expenses that can be avoid easily.

How does a running cruise look like?

There is no much difference between a running tour or a cruise. Think about a cruise when you go on onshore excursions. And then think of you running instead of walking 🙂 All the onshore activities are planned according to runners’ goals. That is why is it always better to book a special running cruise rather than just go on a usual cruise and run ahead of other travelers to famous places 🙂

How do you solve laundry problem?

That is a good question. If you run everyday you need to wash your running clothes and laundry services at the hotels are pricy most of the time. Experienced runners offer the following options:

  • After run hang your clothes right away for drying and see if you can use them without washing a few times
  • Buy clothes from high quality modern fabrics that does not smell even after a few runs
  • Rent an apartment instead of staying at the hotel
  • Some hotels like inn&suites and villa type have not only kitchens but also washing and drying machines


If you are interested in purchasing of a running tour or a cruise, contact me. Feel free to ask your questions or request help. We do work with corporate clients, large groups for networking and other types of interest groups, book running holidays and vacations.