Richmond VA Historical Sites, “Must See” Places

Abraham Lincoln, Richmond, VA

Are you looking for an exciting trip and have a little of everything? Do not hesitate! Richmond, Virginia, is for you. It is a city full of life and an excellent holiday destination. On the other hand, its cultural legacy is closely linked to the American Civil War. Did you know that Richmond has more historical references than any other place in the country? Get ready to take a look at the architecture of the past, walk the streets of the city and discover the magic of ‘River City’, as it is also known. Beyond history, it is full of exciting activities and suitable for the whole family; Undoubtedly, River City offers a wide range of possibilities.

1. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Richmond has one of the largest botanical gardens in the entire nation. It is the only one that is established in historical lands and expands along some 16 hectares. A wide variety of thematic gardens are distributed around a greenhouse and the visitor center. With a dome of almost 20 meters, the greenhouse gives life to exotic plants from other parts of the world. The orchids decorate a 1021.93 m² building together with other seasonal samples; You will find 15 different types of gardens to explore. Recently an interactive sector was incorporated for children of all ages that will allow them to be face to face with nature. The little ones will be able to tour the farm while they pick up vegetables and make the most of the game center.

‘The Healing Garden’ will teach you everything you need to know about medicinal uses of healing plants. With the idea of meditating in mind, this garden was inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden invites you to relax in an aesthetic and pleasant environment. Cobblestone paths, classic Georgian buildings and scented rose bushes are some of the surprises that await you in this paradise that stimulates all your senses. As if this were not enough, you can end your day with an exquisite snack in the picturesque cafeteria of the place.

2. The Confederation Museum

Prepare to travel back in time, as this site focuses on the time of the Confederacy during the Civil War. It is ideal for anyone who wants to know more about the country’s past and the wars won; This national treasure will give you the best history lessons you have ever had. Confederates’ belongings and personal items of figures like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are waiting to be discovered. Here you will find the largest collection in the entire country of Civil War artifacts. You can choose to take guided tours to expand your knowledge or you can simply take your time to see the exhibits on your own.

One of the most complete samples of this establishment is the Archives of Eleanor S. Brockenbrough. They were named in honor of their contributions, which consist of some 15,000 books and pamphlets, 1,000 prints and more than 200 manuscripts. Among the archives are the draft of a resignation letter from the US Armed Forces written by Robert E. Lee, a blood-filled letter that a dying soldier wrote to his father and one of Jefferson Davis’s largest newspaper collections . Among other things, a sample dedicated to the history of the southern woman and a very particular school book dating from the 1860s occupy a special place in the halls of the museum.

3. RVA Trolley

If you think you’re ready to go back in time, what do you think if we take a ride on a red tram Chance of the 1920s? This historic vehicle with capacity for 24 passengers will take you to visit all the historical references of Richmond. The green one allows you to explore the city more intimately. Some places to enjoy are Historic Monument Avenue, Canal Walk, the residence of Maggie Walker, the Poe Museum and many other places of interest. Many brides get used to photographing themselves on these trams before heading to church. Segway of Richmond is a family business that assists many tourists and offers them complete and accessible rides through River City.

You may have another idea in mind, one that includes handmade beverages of local origin; Well, RVA Trolley also takes you to tour breweries. You can try some of the best beers that Virginia has to offer. The tour will take you through three different breweries and, at the end of the tour, you will be presented with a surprise gift. The RVA trolley is a unique way to learn about Richmond’s historical legacy and learn more about the city’s present. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in the culture of this picturesque place. Get comfortable and have your camera ready!

4. Maymont

Maymont is a huge residence of over 40 hectares and a gift from James Henry and Sallie Dooley, who lived there between 1893 and 1925. It is a wonderful place; the winding halls lead you to flowery dream gardens full of native floral species and lush trees, as well as hundreds of animals that have been rescued. You will see bears, red foxes, huge vultures, eagles and falcons. Stand by the Koi pond between stone paths. Walk the hills that run through the bamboo forests or relax in the bright green grass. Pet the goat offspring or contemplate the otters while making their thanks. Time does not seem to pass in this earthly paradise.

Discover every corner of this romantic-style mansion; Walk inside and let silence and calm take over your thoughts. Maymont provides an unparalleled educational experience and is home to many local events. The National Register of Historic Places considers it a benchmark of the American Golden Age.

5. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

It was opened in 1936 and this Baroque building houses collections and exhibits that can only be found in Richmond. Hundreds of classic and modern works welcome visitors. You will be able to clearly appreciate the history of art; from Fabergé eggs to Tiffany lamps. This art museum is unique and complex. It offers free audio guides that you can download to your cell phone or mobile phone to get the most out of the visit. You should not worry about the big crowds, since the exhibits are not usually so crowded with people. The establishment is full of fine furniture and sculptures, which bring a touch of delicacy and mysticism to the place. On the other hand, the exhibition ‘Forbidden City’ is the greatest exponent of history and culture that attracts the most public.

The Best Café and the Amuse restaurant are also part of the facility and on Thursday evenings, if you are lucky enough, you may until you can see a live jazz show. Finally, you will find a gift shop to take some souvenir of this amazing site. The museum of fine arts is definitely considered one of Richmond’s jewels.

6. Hollywood Cemetery

On the banks of the James River there is a large and quiet terrain known as the Hollywood cemetery; Another essential opportunity to immerse yourself in American history. Here lie the remains of personalities such as Jefferson Davis, the former president of the Confederate states along with those of hundreds of soldiers, whose plaques have been adorned with small flags of the Confederacy in honor of those killed in the battles. This site is another reminder of the terrible consequences of war.

The area serves as a tribute to lost lives, which makes the visit a deep and inspiring experience. A 27 meter high granite pyramid recalls the more than 18,000 men resting in this cemetery. I recommend that you take your time to appreciate the landscape. I assure you that the atmosphere of the place will fill you with peace and give you another perspective of the sacrifices that have been necessary so that today we can enjoy so many freedoms.

7. Carytown

They say that if you’re visiting Virginia City, you can’t miss Carytown. It is six blocks from old houses and eclectic and vintage shops. It is said that there is nothing better on a summer afternoon than walking the streets of Carytown and be surprised by everything there is to see. A movie theater dating from 1929 where only $ 1.99 is charged to be able to appreciate, in addition to the movie, its exquisite chandeliers and the unique decoration of the place. Toy stores are always waiting for collectors of any age who are looking for a new acquisition.

Be sure to enjoy some of the local restaurants or stop by a chocolate shop to buy a snack. On the other hand, this area of the city is usually the venue for unique events such as the watermelon festival and one of French films. Fun, peculiar, unparalleled and, without a doubt, the favorite of tourists and locals alike. Do not miss the possibility of knowing the best of Richmond’s culture!

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