Restaurants of Venice to Try on Your Trip in Italy

Places to eat in Venice

Aside from visiting the Piazza San Marco, Grand Canal, and other tourist hotspots, another thing that you should do on your Venice holidays is to explore the local culinary scene. This wonderful city is home to numerous restaurants.

If you like spaghetti, pizza, lasagna, or ragu, this is the best place to go. Some restaurants offer a luxurious and romantic ambience, while others can make your tummy full and content without paying too much.

Although a lot of the food joints here offer delicious food, it is recommended that you try the popular ones first so that you can really enjoy your limited stay here. This article will list down the best restaurants that you should visit on your upcoming trip to Italy.

Alle Testiere

If you are looking for a cheap grub with quality taste, then you should definitely head to Alle Treste. For just €50 per person, you can enjoy classic Italian seafood dishes. The restaurant always uses fresh ingredients. That is the reason why their food is always bursting with flavor. For starters, you can try their John Dory fillet that is infused with citrus and herbs. Make sure that you make early reservations because they can only accommodate 22 people at a time.

Il Ridotto

Near the vicinity of Piazza San Marco is a compact food joint called Il Ridotto. The specialty of this restaurant is desserts. Their sweet gelato with goat’s cheese and pears is something that you do not want to miss. IN addition, they also offer excellent fish and meat meals for bargain prices.

Osteria Santa Maria

If you are searching for a restaurant that has a luxurious and romantic vibe, the Osteria Santa Maria is the best place to go. Upon entering the joint, you will be welcomed by its vintage interior designs and decorations that are pleasant to the eyes. The best selling dishes of Osteria Santa Maria are the sea bass ravioli that is infused with clam broth, and salt-cod fan.

All Palanca

This gourmet joint is located in Giudecca – one of the tourist hotspot in the southern island of Venice. As one of the best bacaris in the land, Alla Palanca offers a relaxing ambiance and quality food to their hungry patrons. The cuttlefish risotto is one of their best sellers. But if you are searching for something lighter, you can opt for a plate of grilled tuna that’s sprinkled with sesame seeds and balsamic vinegar. It usually paired with a plate of fresh, mixed salad. They also serve delectable meaty main dishes.

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