Reasons to Visit Dominican Republic

Las Galeras beach

Music, Food, and beautiful hospitable people are just a few reasons why you should visit the island of Dominican Republic. Also known to it’s natives as Quisqueya la Bella, Dominican Republic has breathtaking landscapes and beaches. A place for everyone no matter what you’re into. One of the things that I found unique was their nightclubs which threw their parties inside natural bat caves! Everything on that island is far from just being a normal paradise. With resorts stretching across the coast and festivals with music to get you right out of your seat, Dominican Republic is ideal for an ultimate get-a-way.

As you get off the plane and make your way through to baggage claim, there will be a gorgeous Dominican woman in a cart treating all the guests with free shots of Brugal Dominican Rum. You can enjoy it either on the rocks or straight but it will be sure to put you in the vacation mood immediately. While family members and friends are waiting for their personal guests the taxis and chauffer are waiting for you. They have knowledge of the whole island being that most Dominicans have been there all their life and have lived a more active lifestyle than most in the states. They will be sure to be your guide out of the goodness of their heart. They love their island and it shows. They even offer to be your personal chauffer for your whole stay at the island which will not cost you an arm and a leg. Americans and Europeans especially will love how far their dollar can stretch. One taxi ride for an hour can cost but a dollar or two.

Tell your chauffer you would like to be taken to an all inclusive resort. I personally stayed at Barceló. All inclusive food and alcohol, hot water (which you will learn to appreciate once you’re there), and a pretty amazing room for just $35 US dollars!!!!! I know! It blew me away too! They offer spa services, water sports, and a beach night club just to name a few amenities. The entrance to the beach was far from ordinary. Mangrove trees placed the shade for me to sit under while I grazed the white sandy beaches with my eyes. No shells that stab you on the bottom of your feet although you can find a few washing up on shore. They have daily boats that can take you out to the water just to sunbathe and hangout in the middle of the water. A picture wouldn’t be able to capture just how beautiful really is.

The three course meal that was provided was actually a few buffets set up throughout the resort so you’ll never go hungry. The resort is constantly stocked with fresh fruits like papaya, guava, passion fruit, and melons on one side of the restaurant and traditional Dominican food on the other. They had other sections where they offered Tex-mex, American, and Italian. They have food for every type of eater, even for the kiddies like pizza and chicken fingers. Once the eating hours were over the resort went and got ready for nightly entertainment. Staged dance performances and theatre along with a nightclub for the night owls. The nightclub was on the beach and they also set up another buffet for the munchies that would soon hit after all that dancing and drinking. All of that for only $35 dollars is worth it but waking up on a natural beach without a care in the world, priceless! Make sure you visit D.R. as soon as your vacation time comes around!

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