Puerto Rico Travel Itinerary – Where and Why?

Puerto Rico flag“La isla del encanto” meaning the island of mere pleasure is one the most beautiful Caribbean islands. It’s not a very big island. It’s about the size of Rhode Island. One of the best things about it is you can travel to P.R. without a passport. You can arrive at San Juan International airport and start the Puerto Rican adventure there. travelrows.com

Right off the plane you’re about 5 min. away from shore. You can enjoy one of the shore side restaurants that serve typical Puerto Rican food like tostones rellenos which are plantains fried and stuffed with meat of your choice. All of the fish are fresh straight out of the ocean and you can definitely taste the difference.

*There are about 365 beaches in Puerto Rico that are worth exploring and the coastline of the island is where you will find high end timeshares and hotels. Farther away from the beach in San Juan you will see many small inns and family owned guest houses. These small inns are nice if you want a more unique experience, while larger places like the Hilton and Wyndham resorts in San Juan offer a more typical experience but a lot more services.

*Puerto Rico has diversity in people with Haiti and Dominican Republic not too far away; you will find a lot of Haitians working small stores and food carts. The US dollar is the official currency so you will not find too many bargains but you can still negotiate with the people selling products and goods on the street.

Puerto Rico boats

*Once you’ve spent enough time on the beach make sure you head over Viejo San Juan. It is the historic part of the capital. You can go and explore the forts left behind by the early Spanish conquistadors. The staff at museums is well informed and can ask any question you have about the country, culture and history. When you leave the fort you will noticed streets still paved in its original blue brick roads. The country preserves the stones and can’t be taken out or repaved for any reason.

*On every corner you will find stands selling piraguas also known as snow cones which are an amazing treat on a hot summer day. There are also carts selling pinchos (shish kabobs) and limbers (icy). You can find a great restaurant everywhere you look, even inside a K-mart!

La Parguera

Puerto Rico water

One place worth visiting is La Parguera.La Parguera is a magical place where there are florescent organisms in the water that come alive and glow when you touch it. Best seen at night they provide a boat you can ride on where they will take you in the middle of the bay. A man will jump off the boat and swim beside the boat. As he swims you will notice the water glowing he treads water.

He will then get a bucket a reel it up to the boat where then they allow you to stick your hand in and watch it glow. Because of pollutions and overexposure the organisms are dieing down which is why they do it in such a controlled manner. While you’re out on the boat you can hear the coquis, Puerto Rico’s indigenous frog, croaking the word coqui in the distance.

There’s so much to see in P.R. like its jungles and historical cities make sure you give yourself enough time to explore. It’s truly a magical place with good food, music and people!

Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Puerto Rico view

The enchanting island of Puerto Rico has a lot to offer for any vacation traveler. You’ll find Puerto Rico to be an exotic place to visit due to its multicultural ambience. This beautiful island has one of the oldest existing cultures in the Americas, yet it still has a very modern feel. Best of all – you won’t need a visa or passport when entering Puerto Rico from the United States, which can cut back on both your travel costs and the hassle of dealing with governmental bureaucracy.

The people in Puerto Rico speak a variety of languages, although English and Spanish are the two dominant languages of the island. Certain areas tend to speak one language over the other, so it’s a good idea to do your research ahead of time. In addition, you’ll be happy to find that the climate in Puerto Rico feels like summer all year long. You’ll find the temperature in the 80s, no matter when you decide to travel to Puerto Rico.

You can take advantage of this beautiful weather by hitting the sand – Puerto Rico has over 300 miles of gorgeous beaches for you to enjoy. If you prefer, you can sign up for a number of outdoor sports or educational programs that will help you get to know this beautiful island. For example, you can learn more about the island’s natural history by exploring both Puerto Rico’s lush tropical rain forest and its dry forest, with its many cacti and desert plants. Puerto Rico’s natural caves, which have been forming for millions of years, are also worth a visit during your trip.

If you’re into history, be sure to check out Puerto Rico’s two forts – San Felipe del Morro and San Cristobal. If biology is more of your thing, Puerto Rico has two phosphorescent bays and one phosphorescent lagoon, where, on any given night, the bays and lagoon will light up with millions of fireflies – a spectacular site to see. The best place to see these wonderful fireflies is at La Parguera – ask at your hotel if you need directions. You may also be able to sign up for a guided tour of these natural beauties if you aren’t sure about venturing out on your own.

Puerto Rico has many accommodations to choose from, so it’s easy to find something that suits your unique tastes and your budget. If you enjoy a more personal touch, you might want to stay in a small, but comfortable, family-owned hotel. These hotels are generally moderate in price and feature the legendary friendliness of the Puerto Ricans as a major amenity. Usually, you’ll find the beach just a few blocks away from the hotel – which is great if you’ll be traveling with children or teens. If you’d like a more luxurious feel, check out one of Puerto Rico’s many “grand resorts”. These resorts offer access to great beaches, a fun nightlife, green golf courses, thrilling casinos, and scrumptious restaurants, although you can definitely expect to pay more for the experience.

Fortunately, getting to Puerto Rico is easy. There are several major airlines including American and Delta that have direct flights to Puerto Rico from the United States and many parts of Europe. Certain parts of Latin America also offer direct flights to Puerto Rico. To get the best deals, check online travel sites like Travelocity.com or Kayak.com and plan to book your flight at least two weeks in advance.

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