Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Washington State, USA

Washington State, USA

Washington State has a strong reputation for being a prominent producer of lumber. It also produces the largest amount of red raspberries, sweet cherries, pears, spearmint oil, hops and apples in the United States. Consistently ranked as one of the most socially progressive and wealthiest states in the U.S, it has lots to offer new visitors and residents.

Visiting Washington state, USA

Washington may be the only state to be named after a President, but it has a lot more to offer tourists than its rich political history. Check out the pros and cons of visiting Washington State below.

The Pros of visiting Washington state

  • It has some of the best cities to visit in the whole Pacific Northwest. For example, Seattle is known for thriving in the technological sector and Tacoma has some of the most unique museums you will ever find.
  • Several mountains can be found across the state, some of them being volcanoes. You can take a hike to the top, ski down during the winter season, or enjoy any other outdoor activity in the mountains.
  • This is a land that grows a large number of grapes, hops, and apple, especially in the east. The alcohol choices are endless with up to 362 breweries, 66 vineyards and 62 ciders to choose from.
  • In the coastal areas, you will find seafood as a big part of the locals’ diet. You name it – clams, salmon, mussels, and oysters are all here.
  • Washington State has a rich art scene. During your stay, there are art festivals, local concerts, and museums that you can enjoy.
  • Very close proximity to the Pacific Ocean and an abundance of lakes means there are so many water-based activities to keep you excited. Fishing, kayaking, swimming, surfing, and many other options are available.

The Cons of visiting Washington state

  • The weather can sometimes be a drag. Washington State does not have a lot of sunny days and the skies can remain gray for extended periods.
  • It has a higher crime rate than the national average. According to FBI reports, the majority of these crimes are violent and property crimes.

Living in Washington state, USA

Here are the pros and cons of taking up residence in Washington State:

The Pros of living in Washington state

  • It’s almost impossible to get bored here. There are more than enough conventions, parks, and museums to provide you with entertainment.
  • It has a very beautiful natural landscape, with the most prominent one being Mount Rainer, which is visible to half of the state.
  • Washington State does not collect income tax, giving its residents a slightly lower tax burden.

The Cons of living in Washington state

  • It has a high cost of living with its most expensive city to live in being Seattle. This is due to the high demand for housing which causes an increase in home rental prices.
  • The US Health and Human Services Agency on Research and Healthcare Quality places the quality of healthcare as lower than a lot of other states.

Pros and Cons of some cities in Washington state:

Pros and Cons of visiting and living in Olympia, WA

Pros and Cons of visiting and living in Spokane, WA

Pros and Cons of visiting and living in Port Angeles, WA

Washington State has great residents, food, environment, and economy. It’s an ideal state to travel to as a tourist or new resident.

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