Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Olympia, WA

Olympia, Washington state

Olympia Washington, the capital of Washington state. Known for Olympia Oysters, The Evergreen State College, coffee roasters Batdorf and Bronson, and Olympia Roasting Company. The city of Olympia offers lots to do whether you are visiting or living there.

Pros Of Visiting Olympia, Washington

* Olympia WA. is home to the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is a estuary for salmon. It is named after Native American environmentalist Billy Frank Jr. the refuge was created in 1974.

* Olympia the Washington state capitol has several landmarks and monuments to visit including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and The Old Capitol Building.

* Olympia is home to The HandsOn Children’s Museum. The Museum has 10 exhibits that are full of fun for your kiddo.

* Percival Landing is Olympias waterfront hot spot. Farmer’s markets, and craft fairs, a beautiful marina view to enjoy the city and the bay.

* Tumwater Falls Park offers hiking trails to stroll along beside waterfalls, and reflection pools.

* Wet Science Center is a hands-on science education center dedicated to education about water.

Cons Of Visiting Olympia, WA

* There are rumors that Olympia is a favorite spot for vagrants and panhandlers.

* Public transit is okay at best, and pathetic at worst. According to reviews on google.

* There is confusion about whether or not Olympia is a small town or a city. But that does give a visitor an idea of the town’s feel. Lots of people leave Seattle to live in the small town of Olympia.

Pros Of Living in Olympia, Washington

* Olympia is an hour and thirteen minutes drive from Seattle. Olympia is a popular place for those looking to live near Seattle, but have a lower cost of living.

* Nearby attractions include Mount Rainier, Olympic Park, and Portland. So you are close enough to enjoy the fun, but also get the rural feel of living in a small town, yet with the liberal attitude of larger cities.

* Olympia has a lower cost of living than Denver, Colorado with a twenty-six percent difference. With a middle of the range average income, it is a pretty comfortable place to live. And tends to below the average as far as the cost of living in the US.

Cons Of Living In Olympia, Washington

* One of the major things we noticed when researching this list is that most of the jobs in Olympia are government jobs that pay on the average, eighty percent of what private jobs pay.

* Olympia’s crime rates are 10 points higher than the national average. So while it has a small town feel there might be a darker side to the town according to the data.

* Weather in Olympia has a bit of bad rap. While it doesn’t have the highest average rainfall rates in the nation it is on the higher end of the scale. So, if you don’t like rain this probably not the place for you.

To recap, Olympia Washington has a great reputation as a small town. A great place to visit or live. Especially if you are needing to be in the Seattle area, but don’t want to live in a big city.

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