Pros And Cons Of Visiting And Living In New Mexico

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New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment. It is known as such because of its picturesque landscapes, and it’s cultural and historical narrative. Are you wondering if this might be the destination for you? The good news is, to help you decide if this is the right vacation or relocation spot for you, there is a pros and cons list below.

The Pro’s Of Visiting New Mexico

* New Mexico is a historic, cultural, and beautiful destination.

* The landscapes are full of jaw-dropping views that range from dessert to mesas, to snow-capped peaks. The climate is perfect for those that love summer adventuring.

* With 400 years of history, Santa Fe, New Mexico’s capital has much to offer its visitors. Beautiful views of the Blood of Christ mountains, distinguished museums, fine dining, galleries of Native American art, and culture.

* From Santa Fe, you could visit Albuquerque a favorite place for a cyclist. With a sixteen-mile traffic free cyclist trail, that runs beside the Rio Grande. One could even ride along intact stretches of Route 66.

* Albuquerque also boasts tours of local wineries, and breweries. New Mexico has a distinctive cuisine due to its unique blend of cultural inputs.

* National parks to visit include White Sands, Carlsbad Canyons, and Bandelier National Monument.

* Skiing in winter, hot air balloon rides, New Mexico film tours the options of adventures are limitless.

The Con’s Of Visiting New Mexico

* The con’s of visiting in the New Mexico climate is a big one. If you love the sun this isn’t a big deal. But for those that don’t like heat, and sun this might not be the place for you.

* New Mexico time, most people aren’t sure whether it is because of the lower cost of living, or the heat, but New Mexico is known to work on its own timeline.

* You definitely need shades and sunscreen to visit this amazing place. Many say you don’t choose New Mexico, it chooses you.

* New Mexico rates number 2 on the USA today’s most dangerous states in America list.

Pro’s Of Living in New Mexico

* New Mexico’s history and culture are by far one of the pro’s of living in this state. Distinguished with having the oldest established city in the United States, to its large list of national parks there always something to do in New Mexico.

* The cost of education is one of the lowest in the country. So, if you are considering higher education this might be the place to go.

* Oldest Wine Country in the States. California is known for its wine country, grape vines were smuggled out of Spain, and brought to New Mexico in 1629.

* Architecture in Mexico is a combination of adobe, recycled energy ships, and ancient ruins, and ghost towns. Definitely an adventurous place to live.

* Santa Fe boasts one of the most diverse ethnic cultures in the USA. It has over 70 ethnicities in its capital city.

Con’s Of Living In New Mexico

* Job options in New Mexico are not all well paying. According to research, there are a lot of job opportunities in New Mexico. The trick is finding jobs that pay well.

* While education in New Mexico is low cost, the quality is not good. Currently rated number 47 for its quality of education. There are current initiatives to improve their rank.

* Road conditions should also be considered. Rated with roads that cause twenty- five percent of roads in New Mexico might actually add to road fatalities.

With its diverse culture, long-standing history, and large amounts of national forests, and monuments. Nearly constant fiestas, and celebrations, New Mexico is definitely a place to consider visiting and living. Is it ideal for you? Do some research and start planning your visit to New Mexico to find out for yourself.

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