Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Montana

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Sometimes known as the land of shining mountains, Montana holds many nicknames. The mountain state, the treasure state, the big sky state. All of these mottos hold true. Is this a state people would want to visit or live in? Let’s see.

Pros Of Visiting Montana

* Montana is the place to visit for big adventures in the Big Sky State. It is best known for Glacier National Park, and Yellowstone National Park. Montana also boasts the Nez Perce National Historic Trail.

* Montana’s climate is varied as the Continental Divide separates the climates of east and west. The western region of the state has a milder climate, while the eastern region tends to have hotter summers and colder winters. The eastern region tends to have less humidity, and more sun.

* Montana is the adventures haven. From panning for gold to adventure tours to hot springs, there really is something for everyone that visits.

* Montana’s capital Helena is host to plenty of restaurants from pubs, to distilleries, a tasting room, and Mexican restaurants there are dining options galore.

Cons Of Visiting Montana

* Montana can be cold.

* Montana charges higher rates for non-residents licensing, and permits for hunting and fishing, etc.

* Because of its climate changes roads, a said to be terrible. So, if you do visit rent a four-wheel drive vehicle.

* If you have vehicle trouble in Montana it could a little while to get help. Prepare ahead of time.

* Montana is known for its adventures. Not its creature comforts. In some of the big cities, you can find those, but it isn’t the reason people visit Montana.

* Montana is a state where ranching is alive and well. Which means you might see more cows than people.

* Montana is known for its big sky views and amazing landscapes. Which includes its local wildlife. So be prepared and be sure not to but yourself in harms way.

Pros Of Living In Montana

* While Montana does not have it’s own sports teams there is a healthy love of sports.
Montana is a state that loves fishing, hunting, and all things camouflage and outdoors.

* The scenery is unbelievably beautiful. Snowboarding and skiing paradise. Getting off work and go kayak the Yellowstone.

* A rich art culture in large cities. With all the inspiring scenery this makes sense.

* Montana has lower property taxes at .85 percent, instead of the national average of 1.19 percent.

* The state is also full of rich history, Including the Lewis and Clark trail, and a large population of American Indian tribes. There is much to learn from this state.

Cons Of Living In Montana

* Montana is ranked 39th in business rankings for the States. The state is ranked 29th for public healthcare, and 42nd for opportunities. Though it does have a rank of 15th for growth.

* Cost of living in Montana is slightly higher than average. Minimum wage is $8.30 per hour.

* Montana living requires some self-sufficiency. Because much of the state is spread out, power outages can take days to restore, and being prepared for emergencies is very important.

Montana is a must visit the place. Like visiting anywhere it takes some financial planning and research. Have you booked your trip to the hot springs yet? And if you visit, is it somewhere you might want to stay?

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