Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Las Cruces is the second-largest city in New Mexico after Albuquerque. It’s known for its booming agricultural sector and the fact that it’s a major center for the culture and economy of southern New Mexico. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the upsides and drawbacks of traveling to Las Cruces.

Visiting Las Cruces, New Mexico

Thinking about taking a personal vacation, family trip, or a romantic getaway to Las Cruces? Here are the pros and cons you need to consider first.

The Pros of visiting Las Cruses

  • Picacho State Park offers the ideal outdoor experience. You can hike to the top of the spire through any of the two trails you see fit. Be sure to take enough water and use sturdy boots.
  • You have the chance to go downtown to explore the art scene of Las Cruces. Galleries are open on the first Friday evening of each month and are accommodating to residents and visitors alike.
  • History buffs will be pleased to visit the COAS bookstore which deals with the history of the area. It’s the largest bookstore in the South West and it specializes in the natural and regional history of Las Cruces and New Mexico.
  • You can’t get enough of the several festivals held in Las Cruces every year. Ensure you check the Las Cruces website to see what they have lined up so you can plan better.
  • There are a lot of golf courses available for those who fancy the sport.
  • You can get several items and souvenirs to help you remember the trip. Shops like the Antique District on Picacho sell memorable tokens.
  • Las Cruces is a college town which means if you are lucky there may be professional performances, free lectures, or exhibitions at the time of your visit that may interest you.

The Cons of visiting Las Cruces

  • The rural roads in Las Cruces are subpar. You have to be extra careful while traveling on them to avoid accidents.
  • Las Cruces has a very high crime rate which is reportedly 53% higher than the national average.

Living in Las Cruces, New Mexico

In recent years, Las Cruces has earned a reputation for being one of the best places for retirement. However, you may have other reasons for wanting to live here. Before making a final decision, have a look at these pros and cons.

The Pros of living in Las Cruces

  • Like the other states in New Mexico, it has a low cost of living. This is because of the health care, transportation, and cost of food.
  • There are a lot of entertainment and recreational activities for residents to engage in.
  • Unlike the big cities, it has a blissful natural environment.

The Cons of living in Las Cruces

  • The quality of its primary and secondary school education is bad.
  • You might have to learn a little Spanish because a lot of the residents speak it sometimes.

In conclusion

Las Cruces has a very diverse ethnicity so it’s a rich and unique cultural scene. It’s the perfect place for those that wish to enjoy the comforts of a natural landscape with diverse arts and cultural roots.

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