Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Cape Coral, FL

A channel in Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral Florida, “A Waterfront Wonderland”! Sunshine, Beach, did we mention the beach? What could be a con of living in the Sunshine State, along the Gulf of Mexico? Well, let’s dig in and find out what are the pros and cons of living in Cape Coral, Florida?

The Pros Of Visiting Cape Coral, Florida

* Cape Coral, Florida is known as “A Waterfront Wonderland” because it has over 400 miles of navigable waterways.

* The climate in this area is known to be a humid subtropical climate. Great for those that desire to up their vitamin D levels.

* Cape Coral is known for its Gulf beaches, and it’s a lively and welcoming community.

* Legoland, Seaworld, Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios are some of the nearby theme parks that attract visitors to Cape Coral, Florida. There are several bus lines, and other public transportation options to get there from Cape Coral.

* Other attractions in Cape Coral include the Wicked Dolphin rum distillery, taking Dolphin Cruises in Cape Coral, Cape Coral Farmer’s Market, Cape Coral Historical Museum.

* Sun Splash Water park is a favorite thing for locals and visitors alike. Park goes enjoy flume slides, race slides, drop slides, a family fun pool, lazy river, Pirates cove kids park, and much more.

* Cape Coral Brewing Company offers craft beers, live music, outdoor dog-friendly seating, brewery tours, corn hole, life-size Jenga and more lots more fun.

The Cons Of Visiting Cape Coral, Florida

* This isn’t a large tourism city. It was planned from the beginning as a planned community not a tourist local.
Cape Coral is 14 miles from Southwest Florida International Airport.

* Cape Coral is a snowbird town. Out of five people in Cape Coral, one will live there only seasonally.

* Hurricanes are a problem for this area during hurricane season, so you need to pay attention to when you visit.

The Pros Of Living in Cape Coral, Florida

* Florida is known as the snowbirds paradise. Cape Coral is no difference. A lovely waterfront town, with sandy beaches, local markets, breweries, and boating excursions. It is the complete opposite of northern winter living.

* Education in this area rated well.

* You would be near water and beaches all the time. This area also hosts several events from bird watching to BMX. You could even get a property near the beach.

The Cons Of Living in Cape Coral, Florida

* You will pay more for real estate. Even if you find affordable housing you will pay more in insurance, and property taxes. If you live near the water you will need to research insurance for flooding and hurricanes.
Hurricane Alley runs straight through this area.

* Tourists coming and going. May not be a big deal, for some people this is a deal breaker. Some also say that tourism raises the cost of living and disrupts the city’s growth.

* Cape Coral is a town that attracts a lot of retirees, which in and of itself is great. It does mean that there isn’t a lot to do living in a retirement area for the younger generations.

So, what do you think of this pros and cons list? Is Cape Coral the place for you to visit or live?

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