Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Big Bear, CA

Big Bear, California - mountain view

Big Bear is a small independent city in San Bernardino County with a regular population of over 5.000 people. That number can go as high as 100,000 during the holiday season due to the city’s popularity as a resort. There are several year-round activities to keep you busy if you are thinking of visiting or living here. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of traveling to Big Bear.

Visiting Big Bear, CA

Here’re the pros and cons of visiting Big Bear:

The Pros of visiting Big Bear

  • There are a lot of parks in Big Bear with ample space and a clean environment. The kids can have a fun day in any of the five public parks or two state parks.
  • Fishing, swimming, or playing in the sand are great ways to have fun at the West Shore Beach.
  • It is ideal for a family vacation as there is no shortage of kid-friendly activities. A day at the Big Bear Alpine
  • Zoo, Big Bear Funplex, or the Bowling Barn will give the kids an unforgettable experience.
  • If you visit during winter, you can go skiing on Snow Summit or Bear Mountain.
  • Looking for a quiet environment? Enjoy a walk around Big Bear on any of the serene walking paths or trails.
  • Going into “The Village” would connect you to the variety of stores and shopping centers in Big Bear. You can also find bars and restaurants if you need to cool off after the day.
  • Water skiing, paddle-boarding, and kayaking are just some of the activities you can enjoy at Big Bear Lake. The Alpine Pedal Path is another interesting location along the lake.

The Cons of visiting Big Bear

  • There are no commercial airline services offered at the Big Bear City Airport. If you’re flying in, you’ll have to land at a nearby city or town and then make your way to Big Bear.
  • You have to be careful of any fish you catch in Big Bear Lake. There is a safety advisory issued out because of the presence of high levels of PCBs and mercury in the water.

Living in Big Bear, CA

If you’re contemplating moving to Big Bear, here are some pros and cons to make your decision easier.

The Pros of living in Big Bear

  • Residents enjoy clean and fresh air unlike those in other cities.
  • Big Bear is a very beautiful and serene environment suitable for raising a family.
  • You can choose where you wish to stay from a lot of real estate options. There are horse ranches or houses in the village. Most of these ranches lie at the base of the mountain or the lake.

The Cons of living in Big Bear

  • It can get pretty rowdy in the holidays.
  • Dangerous animals such as coyotes, lions, and black bears are present in the area.

In conclusion

Big Bear, California is much more than a resort town. Judging by its small size, you may be surprised by the number of activities available. Feel free to take a trip to Big Bear to find out what you like most about it.

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