Playa Los Flamencos or Cayo Coco Beach, Cuba

Playa Los Flamencos Beach, Cuba

Playa Los Flamencos, also sometimes known as Cayo Coco Beach, is one of the main resort hubs of the beautiful Jardines del Rey archipelago, and one of Cuba’s most blissful beaches. The location is known not only for its swanky all-inclusive resorts but also for its natural beauty.

Cayo Coco and its hotels on the map:

The blissful beach resorts of Cayo Coco draw hoards of vacation-goers effortlessly to their shores. With 22km of soft, white sands and gleaming water teeming with sea-life, it is easy to see why. This is one of Cuba’s most popular beach resort destinations. The luxurious resorts here are popular with European tourists looking for active adventure and for pampered relaxation. This is a tropical island paradise, where many have found their dream vacation destination.

Where Playa Los Flamencos Is and How to Get There

Cayo Coco is located on the Jardines del Rey island chain, which lies off the northern coast of central Cuba. The island is connected to the mainland of Cuba by means of a 17 mile long causeway across Bahia de Perros. Two shorter causeways link Cayo Coco to Cayo Guillermo, to the west and Cayo Romano to the east. The island can also be reached by air, as it has the Jardines del Rey airport.

What To See and Do at Playa Los Flamencos

* As well as relaxing within the all-inclusive resorts, and enjoying the 3km long stretch of soft, fine sand, visitors to Playa Los Flamencos can also enjoy natural wonders, both in the waters and on the rest of the Caya Coco and the Jardines del Rey archipelago.

* The all-inclusive resorts cluster on the island’s northern coast, while elsewhere on the island you will find a far more tranquil place, with natural features such as marsh land and lagoons. These natural environments are great bird watching destinations and are home to a wide range of wildlife. Here you will find one of the largest colonies of pink flamingos in the Americas as well as a range of other bird species.

* Amongst the many who come here are those attracted by the links the island has to the works of author, Ernest Hemingway. Cayo Coco and neighboring Cayo Guillermo were the setting for Hemingway’s ‘Islands in the Stream’ and ‘The Old Man and the Sea’.

* Top tourist activities on the island include diving on and around the coral reef, taking excursions in glass bottomed boats and enjoying a range of water sports off the beautiful beaches. Those looking for active adventure can also go climbing or take an eco tour of some sort or another, on land or on the sea.

In Conclusion

If you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Cuba, Playa Los Flamencos could be a wonderful place to stay. Of course, you could also use this is a base to explore beyond the Jardines del Rey archipelago. For example, you might head onto the Cuban mainland to visit Caguanes National Park, around 1 hour’s drive away, or perhaps take a longer trip to one of Cuba’s other amazing attractions.

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