Step #1 Pick the Right Travel Agent

Happy to have a travel agent

How to find the right travel agent? There are so many travel agents and agencies that offer their services globally. Especially now, when all the work can be done remotely, you do not have to stick to your zip code and the nearest office to you. Even if you are not very good at technologies, travel agent will find the most comfortable way of communication online.

The main thing to remember:

The right travel advisor has its:

  • Accreditation
  • License
  • Insurance
  • Certification

As an independent travel agency Travelrows LLC has all the above and working on getting more particular special certifications. As a travel agency owner I study, learn and educate myself every day. I am always on websites of Travel Institute, Travel Academy and educational programs offered by suppliers that help me to improve my skills and grow my knowledge. To get more information about it please visit About Us and Contact Us pages.


Even if you are a luxury traveler you do not want to overpay for travel services. First thing to remember – is that every travel agent gets his/her commission from a tour supplier. That’s why you should pay only for the tour or cruise itself and there should not be any agency fees. Some travel agents charge booking fee and it can be pricy. Why to pay? There are lots of agents who do not charge for that. Including us, Travelrows LLC. We do NOT charge for booking tours, cruises or excursions. We do have some paid services such as consulting and building custom itineraries because they take time individually for each and every customer.

Experience and knowledge:

The main reason for using travel agent services is to get a professional advice. It’s so easy to book anything online by yourself now. Why to use a travel agent? For it’s experience and knowledge! As agents with many years of travel sales experience and personal traveling and cruising around the word we are happy to spend  time on looking for the best destinations and deals for you. Travelrows LLC is a full service company and works with all kinds of traveling. We are experts and specialists in Disney, Groups, Senior Travel, Business Bookings, Themed Tours and Cruises, Expeditions and Adventures and many other fields. As mentioned above, we get educated each and every day to provide exceptional services to our clients.


The best way to find a good travel agent is to ask your friends or relatives who already worked with that person. Reviews on internet can not compare with experience of your mom, dad or any other relative. A lot of new Travelrows LLC clients are referred by previously satisfied travelers. I love to work with big families! It is such a pleasure to help them in their independent trips, visiting someone or arrange a family reunion, wedding, birthday party and other events.


Though reviews can not always be helpful, you can get some general idea about the travel agent. The true about reviews is that happy travelers do not spend much time on leaving a positive review. But if the customer is unhappy and what is more – travel supplier, tour operator or consultant did not offer any solution to their problem, then the customer goes to such popular review websites as Google, Facebook and Yelp. That’s why mostly, reviews help to avoid really bad travel companies. Travelrows LLC is thankful for all the reviews we have in internet and social media and answer them in timely manner. We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Please use our Contact Us page for any questions.

Customer care:

A travel agent is not just an information desk. There is a lot of automatic support in call centers now. This does not help you to get the best service. Travelrows LLC cares about its every customer. We help you all the way from your first e-mail/call to your arrival back home and planning your next trip. We want to know more about your passions, interests, hobbies, work and family. We offer escorted tours and flights, 24/7 customer support during your trip and we have the best customer advocacy! Even if you did not book with us and need help with solving a problem with a tour supplier/air company we will do our best.

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