Information for Partners and Those, Who Want to Work with Us

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As we have mentioned on the About Us page – Travelrows LLC is a full service independent travel company. Other than that Travelrows is an established brand, well known for providing useful and interesting travel information, consulting and custom experiences worldwide. Though the company and the brand is new and was officially launched in January 2019, the owner of it has many years of experience in travel sales, traveling and blogging. If you are looking for a travel business advisor – you are on the right page.

Attention! We are very sorry to inform, that we do not partner with other travel agencies of our type as they are our natural competitors. If you still believe, that a partnership is possible, please contact us.

Currently we offer the following partnership options for:

Unique tours and attractions

We Love! to visit new great attractions and go on unique interesting tours and write about it. If you want to let the world know about you, we will help you. Keep in mind, that we write an honest review based on our opinion and taken pictures. If you agree with that, contact us for details.


  • We do NOT work with breweries and wineries due to our website policy
  • We do NOT work with zoos and animal shows due to our moral values

Travel related service and products/FAM tours

If you provide a service, related to traveling and tourism, we offer to visit or use your service/product and write an honest review. It can be a tour package, hotels and other types of accommodation, restaurant, gear and clothing, books, guides, maps. Please understand, that the review will be based on our own opinion and photos and there is no way back 😉 The page with review will include a disclaimer for readers. If you feel like your travel product is the best, contact us!

Commission based sales

As a travel agency we work with lots of cruise lines and tour operators. It’s nearly impossible to have a contract with each and every tour provider. Also, we have our own requirements for partners because our main goal is to provide the best travel services to our clients. If you want us to sell your travel product to our customers and make an agreement with us, make sure that:

  • You are accredited in your niche (for example, CLIA is an accreditation for cruises)
  • Licensed (if your state or country requires it)
  • Insured or bonded

Guest posts from bloggers

We DO accept guest posts from travel bloggers (for their personal blogs or social media accounts). It’s FREE. Does not matter if you just started or a popular influencer. The only but very important requirement to the blog post – is your own experience. We accept high quality, long, useful articles based on your own experience with details and advices, your own photos, written from your name. For example, you should start with I….or My…or Me and My friends. You understand what I mean.

Other options

  • Giveaway, contest hosting and promotion
  • Talks on topics related to travel
  • Long-term brand ambassador work
  • Social media promotions
  • Interviews, press trips
  • Travel related iOS and Android apps reviews and promotions

We are happy to partner with anyone who is related to travel and leisure and:

  • Fun and loves to laugh
  • Easy going and adventurous
  • Believes, customer is always right
  • Passionate about what they are doing

Feel like you want to Work with Us? Check out our Media Kit or just Contact Us 🙂