El Gouna, Egypt – Beautiful Resort City on the Red Sea

El Gouna, Egypt, Red Sea and Yachts

El Gouna is a tourist resort built on a lagoon area on the Red Sea in the Sinai Peninsula. The name of the city means lagoon in Arabic. This very modern Egyptian city is becoming a popular resort destination. The city was developed and owned by the Orascom Hotels which still controls the area starting … Read more

Before You Get Excited for Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets…

Airplane landing in the city

Airfare price comparison websites can get you into a lot of excitement for nothing. At first sight, you go crazy about the cheapest ticket and click on “book” button without trying to compare a few points and realize, that this is not what you need. What is worse, some people get a higher price from … Read more

Travel Agent Services for Booking with Expedia

Sea and sand

It is obvious that most of the bookings a traveler can do online himself/herself nowadays. Thanks to such huge companies as Expedia, it is not only easy, but also super affordable. The great advantage of websites like Expedia is access to great deals all over the world. Tours, cruises, excursions, vacation rentals, flights – why … Read more

Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Spain – Town, Resort and Beach Information

Playa Blanca Marina

Playa Blanca is a Spanish word for “White Beach”. This town is located on the Southern region of the Spanish Island of Lanzarote. Playa Blanca is the most recently developed resort on the island and it is among the Yaiza municipality. This region can be found in the Los Palmas Province of the Canary Islands … Read more

Tarpon Fishing on Vacation in Tampa, Florida

Tarpon fish

When we are talking about Florida, one of the most interesting forms of fishing there is the Tampa tarpon fishing. The Tarpons are huge fishes that often migrate to the Tampa Bay every year and form large groups which people can see when they look in the water or when the fishes come to the … Read more

Best Turkish Souvenirs, Traditional Gifts to Bring Home from Turkey

Turkish souvenir

I have always loved buying gifts, little gifts for friends or colleagues but above all for the family. Often when a trip strikes me particularly I buy them for myself or for my home. But actually many times I bought horrifying souvenirs, tarot cards, or not even really typical of the place where I was. … Read more

Types of Beach Sand and Why Does The Color Change?

Perfectly white sand on a beach

Gold, white, black, colored … the color of a beach is determined by many factors. Among them, its geology, which is one of the protagonists in how the sand of a beach is formed. www. travelrows.com What types of beaches exist and why does their color change? While you are caressing the summer breeze you … Read more

The Most Unusual and Weird Beaches In The World

Playa Benagil Sea Cave

When we think of beaches, our mind imagines a heavenly place, with white sands, turquoise waters, surrounded by beautiful coconut trees and a warm or tropical climate. But like everything in life there are always its exceptions. That is why we have decided to inquire about what are the most mysterious and unusual beaches in … Read more