Five Reasons to Depart from Southampton UK Cruise Port

Southampton UK cruise port

Southampton is the Cruise Capital of Great Britain. Home to some of the world’s most magnificent cruise liners and best known cruise lines, cruises from Southampton sail to the Baltic, Mediterranean, Norway, the Canary Islands and Northern Europe. You can cruise from Southampton to more exotic climes, too. Powerful modern ocean liners have shelved … Read more

Makadi Bay Resort Town, Egypt for Family Vacations

Camel in Makadi Bay, Egypt

About 25 kilometres to the south of Hurghada, Egypt lies a resort town of Makadi Bay beach. This natural bay makes a perfect setting for a family holiday with it’s white sandy beaches and stunning clear waters of the Red Sea, it’s well protected making it safe not just for bathing, but also for scuba … Read more

Is it weird to travel alone? It is weird, if you never tried it!

Traveling alone, road and sea trip

Is it weird to travel alone? My answer for all girls/guys/single/married/people with kids – It is weird, if you never tried it! Traveling alone, omg! This is such a pleasure! Finally alone, go/fly/drive anywhere/anytime/anyhow you want. One of the questions that bothers solo travelers – what other people will think about me? This can … Read more

Breidavik, Iceland – Area Description, the Beach and Bird Watching

Breidavik, Iceland

Breidavik is a beautiful small area situated at Latrabjarg, which is just at the corner of the westernmost part of Iceland (and Europe too). However, what draws visitors to this amazing place is not the weatherboard church or the group of houses; but the amazingly wide area of white sand beach on the settlement. … Read more

Live More. Live Well – Luxury Private Care in Exclusive Travel Destinations

Village, bay, yachts

For most able people, enriching and soul filling experiences such as reconnecting with loved ones, enjoying art, exploring, relaxing, learning or recovering from surgery simply requires clearing ones schedule and clicking the desired destination. However, for millions of people experiencing mental or physical disability and frailty, the enjoyment of such earthy pleasures is a far … Read more

Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Venice, Florida

Beach in Venice, Florida

Venice, not the more popular one in Italy, but the one south of Sarasota and along Florida’s Gulf Coast, is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. The atmosphere in Venice, Florida is so exhilarating that it was once voted one of the “happiest seaside towns in the USA.” Whether you’re considering visiting or moving there, … Read more

Two Mile Hollow Beach – East Hampton, New York

Two Mile Hollow Beach, East Hampton, New York

If you find yourself looking for fun places in East Hampton, or you need a spot to relax and enjoy fresh air, Two Mile Hollow Beach may be the place for you. It’s a great area to have fun or just relish the quiet, especially during the summer. Location and Environment The beach is … Read more

Essential Style Tips to Follow on Your Yacht Charter Getaway

Yacht charter vacations

One thing that comes to your mind before any vacation is what to wear. Whether you are having a yacht charter vacation or anything else, it is necessary to maintain your style and fashion quotient. There are specific things to follow regarding your style in the outdoors as well. If you are wondering what you … Read more

Eat Shoot Drive – Private Exclusive Tours in Finnish Lapland

Eat Shoot Drive Private Tour

Finnish Lapland is widely known for being the home of Santa Claus and his reindeers, however, Lapland offers countless year-round activities, captivating scenery and the cleanest air in Europe. In this article I want to introduce Eat Shoot Drive private exclusive tour operator from Finnish Lapland. Creating exclusive experiences and lasting memories Eat Shoot Drive … Read more

Mystery/Secret/Hidden Hotel Deals for Your Budget Travel

Mystery, secret hotel deals main image

What is a mystery deal? (Please note, not a mystery trip, we offer mystery trips on this page) – Mystery travel deal usually refers to a hotel room, resort, flight, car rental and other particular services. In this article I would like to introduce you mystery hotel deals. They are also called secret hotel deals … Read more