Vacations and Traveling to South Beach, Florida

South Beach, Ocean, Florida

Everybody who loves to travel and hot south weather should consider a trip to South Beach. Once will probably not be enough. Once you get a taste of this tropical paradise it is very likely that you will want to return again and again. Where to stay in South Beach. The nightlife in South Beach. … Read more

Weather and The Best Time for Vacations in South Beach, Florida

Nice and warm weather in South Beach, Florida

The weather in South Beach is one of the attractions that draw tourists from around the world at all times of the year. South Beach is a little more than sixty-three miles long and the average temperature is about seventy-five degrees. South Beach is cooled by breezes from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf … Read more

Hurricane Season in South Beach, Florida

Hurricane season in South Beach

South Beach is tropical in nature. The dry season is through the winter months when it rarely rains and the weather is near perfect. The wet season coincides with hurricane season generally. It Begins in May and runs through October. During this period it is not at all unusual for it to rain every single … Read more

Buying a Vacation Home in South Beach, Florida

Vacation homes in Florida

‘They’ say that there are only three important factors to consider when you are buying a home a second home or a vacation home. The only three factors that matter are: location, location and location. There probably isn’t a better location anywhere on the planet than South Beach if you are looking for a home, … Read more

Weather in December and January in South Beach, Florida

Palm trees in sunny Florida weather

South Beach is basically a tropical paradise! The average LOW temperature in South Beach during the month of December is a pleasant sixty-two degrees…a light sweater is comfortable. The average high temperature in South Beach during the month of December is a nice warm seventy-seven degrees. Seventy-seven is absolutely perfect for strolling along the beach, … Read more

Spring Break Vacations in South Beach, Florida

Miami Beach, South Beach, Florida in Spring

There are a lot of desirable Spring Break vacation destinations but none quite as desirable as one in South Beach, Florida. The sandy white beaches and the beautiful ocean, not to mention, a nightlife scene that won’t quit, are the reasons why South Beach is such a popular destination for college students who have just … Read more

Useful Info About Retiring and Moving to South Beach, Florida

Old car, South Beach, Florida

In the 1970’s and 1980’s South Beach was basically a retirement community. Most of its ocean-front hotels and apartment buildings were filled with elderly people living on small, fixed incomes. That demographic changed dramatically with the influx of what were then referred to as the ‘cocaine cowboys’. The area declined, became a dangerous place and … Read more

Outdoor Activities on Sanibel Island, Florida

Birds on Sanibel Island

There are so many things to do on Sanibel Island, Florida that is really a difficult decision of what to do first. Should you visit the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum or should you visit the Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve. Maybe you should just go to one of the beautiful white sand beaches and soak up some … Read more

12 Tips for Renting a Beach House in Florida

Vacation rental house in Florida

Officially known as the “Sunshine State,” Florida boasts over 663 miles of beaches and 11,000 miles of rivers, streams and waterways. The sun shines more than 300 days per year and the weather is nearly perfect year round; although temperatures have been known to drop into the low 30s during winter months. Often referred to … Read more

The Cost of Renting a Beach House in Florida

Beach houses in Florida

When making vacation plans that include a visit to the beaches of Florida; consider renting a beach house. Not only will you have all the comforts of home available, you could also save a considerable amount of money. Florida is divided into eight sections: Northwest, North Central, Northeast, Central West, Central, Central East, Southwest and … Read more