Greek Party Islands – Top 4 Places to Have Fun After Dark

Party on a Greek Island

The Best Greek Islands If You Want To Party Greece offers something for everyone. But it is important to choose destinations suited to your tastes. If you want to party, here are some of the best Greek islands to consider: Mykonos Mykonos, party-island and so much more, which is one of Greece’s most popular tourist … Read more

The Best Parisian Chocolatiers to Stop by when Traveling to Paris, France

Chocolate made in Paris, France

Chocolate + Paris, France = Love Paris’s light-filled streets and pleasant parks offer plenty of opportunities to stroll with your loved one hand in hand. But where should you go when you feel like a luxurious treat? There are plenty of wonderful places for chocolate lovers to sample some delicious truffles, beautiful bars or perfect … Read more

Market Church Halle, Germany – History, Interesting Facts, Location

Market Church Halle, Germany

Market Church in Halle, Germany, takes its name from its location, on Market Square at the heart of the city. More officially, however, it is known as Mary’s Church or the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirch, or Marktkirche Unser Lieben Frauen). This is one of the notable sights in Halle, a city which boasts a range … Read more

Car Museums in PA, USA – 10 Classic, Antique Stops for Auto Fans

Woman is driving an antique car

If you love Americana, classic cars and automotive history then Pennsylvania could be an excellent travel destination to choose. This state is home to a number of car museums. To help you plan what to do during a visit to the state, we’ve compiled this list of the excellent car museums in Pennsylvania. Antique … Read more

The Best Luxury Hotel / Resort in Maui, Hawaii – Travelrows Choice

Maui Island Beach Hawaii

Maui is a Hawaiian Island and a very popular destination for luxury vacation packages. The fastest way to find Maui’s best luxury accommodations is to open google maps and find resorts with highest prices. But we are not looking for easy ways. In this article we will review the best 10 Maui luxury hotels by … Read more

Main Things to Do When Visiting Florida (With or Without Kids)

Disney, Florida

Miami is far from the only place in Florida that is an excellent holiday destination. All parts of the long state have major attractions with interesting things to see and do. Plus there are 8,426 miles of coastline with beaches to be enjoyed all along the Atlantic Ocean on the right side and the Gulf … Read more

Things to Do in Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park, Florida

The Everglades is a huge swamp land area with part of it immediately to the west of Miami, a drive of perhaps 20 minutes or so on US 41 (SW 8th Street), the main highway out of Miami going west. The Everglades once covered almost 11,000 square miles. However, today it is half the size … Read more

Vacation in Miami with Kids – Attractions, Places to Stay and to See

Miami beach for kids

Miami is a vibrant and lively city where all the action happens, you’ll find beautiful people, incredible food, and parties that last from sunset to sunrise and beyond. The city has a heavy Latin influence that shows in its food and trends as well as its music. Ocean Drive in the south beach area … Read more