Mystic Lake Montana, US – Directions, Map, Trails, Hiking Tips

Mystic Lake, Montana, USA

Mystic Lake is a magical spot nestled in the Beartooth Mountains of southern Montana, not far from the breathtaking Yellowstone National Park. While the lake has a dam and is used to generate hydro-electricity, the area is largely blissfully unspoiled – a tranquil spot within the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. The lake is the deepest in these … Read more

Coolidge Ghost Town in Montana, US – The Story, Directions, Map, Hiking

Coolidge Ghost Town, Montana

Photo Credit The little ghost town of Coolidge is a little known gem nestled in the Pioneer Mountains of South Western Montana, south west of Butte. This historic settlement allows you to step back in time, and explore the history of this beautiful and interesting region. Getting to Coolidge Ghost Town You can reach … Read more

What to Wear in Kenya on a Safari Trip

Kenya, a photographer near water

Choosing what to pack and bring with you on a safari trip can sometimes seem quite a challenge. But with a little common sense, it is easy to make sure that you have clothing suitable for just about every eventuality – without going over your luggage allowance. If you are wondering what to wear for … Read more

Why Does Australia Have So Many Dangerous Animals?

Australia Snake

When people think of Australia, a parade of fearsome, dangerous creatures often come to mind. You might think of venomous snakes, scary spiders, jellyfish, sharks, crocodiles… but the truth of the matter is that in spite of Australian wildlife’s fearsome reputation, very few people are genuinely killed by these creatures each year. Yes, when … Read more

Colombia vs Peru Travel Comparison and Highlights

Colombia vs Peru

If you have to make a choice where to travel – Colombia or Peru, check out our comparison table and article. It will help you with the questions like: Where to go first Which one is better Which one is cheaper Pus a bonus question – Should I just visit both on my way to … Read more

Travel Syndrome or Post Vacation Blues, What is It?

Travel syndrome or post vacation blues

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation to get over your vacation? Coming home from a tour or a cruise can sometimes feel overwhelming. You can be left with a feeling of malaise, or even illness, that can make it challenging to get back to your everyday life. But when this happens, it … Read more

Fun Things To Do in Ecuador, Top Places and the Best Attractions

Galapagos Islands Boat Tour

Visit the Galapagos – One of the World’s Best Wildlife Destinations The volcanic islands that inspired Charles Darwin are still inspiring many today. This is a wonderful place to learn more abut wildlife under and above the water, and to get some insight not only into the mechanics of the natural world, but also into … Read more