What Type of Landform is the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon landform

The Grand Canyon is a type of landform known as a canyon – a geographical or topological landscape feature that broadly consists of two steep cliffs with a valley running through the centre. For many people, the Grand Canyon is the canyon – the one against which all other canyons are measured. Canyons must be … Read more

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games – Information for Tourists

Tokyo crowds

Many people are getting tickets and are already making plans to attend the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Japan won the bid for the 2020 Olympics in September of 2013. Since then plans have been in place to show off the stunning beauty and tradition of Japan, and its ability to capture peacefulness and calm. Organizers … Read more

Top 50 Things To Do and To See in Belize


Belize is located on the eastern coast of central America and boarders mexico and Guatemala. Belize is the gateway to the Caribbean. Belize is about 70 miles wide 250 miles in length. This country is full of tourist attractions and which include natural as well as created. Belize is home to some  of the unique … Read more

The Best Places to See Sunrise and Sunset in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Sunset, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is spectacular from any vantage point, and at any time of day. But as many visitors to this wonder of the world will attest, sunrise and sunset are the times when the views are at their most sublime. The key to success in photographing this majestic vista lie in finding the time … Read more

Nasa Space Station Open to Tourists

Earth from space

Until this point, NASA has banned commercial uses of the International Space Station, prohibiting companies from taking part in for-profit research. However, in 2020, that is set to change. The National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has stated it will be opening the International Space Station (ISS) for private tourism and business ventures, as it has … Read more

Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument, Littlefield, AZ

Grand-Canyon Parashant National Monument at night

Grand Canyon – Parashant National Monument is situated on the northern edge of the Grand Canyon in north-western Arizona. This place is a world away from the crowds on more popular and touristed parts of the rim, and a destination where you can truly get away from it all. Many are aware of the truly … Read more

Top 50 Things To Do and To See in India


India is a land of culture and heritage where one can explore the beautiful hill stations, Historical monuments, alluring beaches, golden deserts, temples, peaceful backwaters, wildlife and colorful fairs and festivals. Here are 50 things you can do with your family for an exotic and magical experience. www.travelrows.com 1. Safari in India Viewing 500 species … Read more