Salt Lake City Luxury Hotels

Salt Lake City bird view, Utah

Salt Lake City is a very interesting place that’s well worth a visit. If you’re planning exactly that and you want your stay to be as luxurious as can be, here are the top 10 luxury hotels in Salt Lake City so you can take your pick and enjoy your stay to the fullest. … Read more

Playa del Carmen Luxury Hotels and Resorts (Mexico)

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen is the calmest city in the Riviera Maya and it offers excellent shopping and dining opportunities as well as luxurious hotels to enjoy your stay. If you don’t know where to stay, here are the top 10 luxury hotels and resorts in Playa del Carmen so you can plan your stay with … Read more

Luxury Hotels in North Carolina

Bunn Lake, North Carolina

North Carolina has a lot to offer to visitors from all over the country and the world. If you’re planning a trip here soon, whether that’s for business or pleasure, you might want to know where you can stay. To help with that, here are the top 10 luxury hotels in North Carolina so you … Read more

Luxury Hotels in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Beale Street

If you’re planning a trip to Memphis, Tennessee, whether that’s for business or pleasure, and you want to enjoy a luxurious stay, then look no further. Here are the top 10 luxury hotels in Memphis, Tennessee so you can choose the right one for you and have your ever need satisfied. 1. The DoubleTree … Read more

Luxury Hotels in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama city view

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and it’s full of wonders. The city has a rich history and it’s well worth a visit. If you want to travel comfortably and enjoy nothing but the best Birmingham has to offer, here are the top 10 luxury hotels in Birmingham, Alabama so you can take your … Read more

Sustainable Ways to Get From A to B, Eco-Friendly Transportation

Traveling by train

A big part of sustainable travel is determining the best ways to reach your destinations. Most of us will have chosen air travel at some point in our lives. But eco travel involves seeking out greener and less polluting solutions for getting from A to B. So what are the most sustainable ways to get … Read more

What To Buy and What Not To Buy on a Green / Eco Vacation

A street in Sicily, Italy

No matter what kind of green vacation you are considering, it is often the case that you will be tempted to make a range of purchases while you are away. Of course, the first and most crucial thing to remember is that you should always try, both at home and away, to reduce your overall … Read more

Plastic Free Travel and Zero Waste Vacation Tips

Green, plastic free traveling

Those who want to enjoy eco travel know that waste can be a massive problem. Reducing plastic use and aiming for a zero waste vacation is one, wonderful way to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem. In this article, you will find a range of tips for a zero waste … Read more

Packing Tips for a Eco Friendly / Green and Zero Waist Vacation

Riding a bike on a trail in the mountains

Packing for your green vacation should involve giving some thought to the luggage you will use, how much you really need, and what will make it easier to be greener while you are away. It involves thinking about what not to take, as well as what to take, and a little foresight about items you … Read more