The Cost of Living in Bonaire for Vacationers

A hut on the Caribbean beach, Bonaire

The Dutch-Caribbean Island of Bonaire is a dream travel destination for many. But what if a vacation is not enough and you are considering a relocation or buying a vacation home in this idyllic island? How much will it really cost to live on Bonaire? Can you afford it? Let’s take a look at the … Read more

How to Choose the Right Africa Travel Company and the Right Safari?

Elephants, African Safari

The idea about traveling to Africa is full of curiosity and excitement but at the same time – fears. Everyone would want to have an African safari on their bucket list but not everyone decides to get there. Another thing – Africa is not of those easy-peasy destinations where you can get on your own … Read more

The Dangers of Sailing in the Caribbean

Sailing in the Caribbean Sea

While yachts sailing in the Caribbean generally experience a safe and hassle-free adventure, it is important to realize that boardings, piracy and other serious events do sometimes happen. While it would be sad if visitors were put of sailing through this breathtakingly beautiful maritime region, it pays to be aware of the dangers of sailing … Read more

The Best Time to Cross the Atlantic West to East

Waves in the Atlantic Ocean

It is much more of a challenge to cross the Atlantic from West to East in a sailing vessel than it is to take the traditional trade wind route in the opposite direction. If you wish to undertake this adventure then timing is key. It is important to choose the best times to do so. … Read more

Is It Really Responsible to Visit Antarctica?

Iceberg in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the most vulnerable regions on Earth. The Antarctic ice sheets are melting at an unprecedented rate and its delicate ecosystems are under threat in a range of different ways. This polar region is like to other – under no government control, this truly is the planet’s last true wilderness. Interestingly, and … Read more

Situation with Ice Melting in Antarctica – Trending Travel Destination

Antarctica Ice Melting

Man made climate change is now, without the doubt, the largest existential threat mankind has ever faced. The results of global warming are not merely hypotheses for the future – we are seeing the effects right now. Unfortunately, without rapid and comprehensive change, these catastrophic effects are just set to continue. Ice melting in Antarctica … Read more

Amazon Rainforest of Brazil and Ecotourism

Amazon Rainforest

Another great ecotourism destination is the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. The amazon rainforest is one of the wonders of the natural world. Unfortunately, however, it is also one of the most endangered ecosystems on our planet. Interestingly, ecotourism could form a part of the solution when it comes to protecting this precious environment. In … Read more

Top 50 things to Do and to See in the United States

United States

The United States of America is a country located in North America and borders the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean; it is the world’s third largest country in population and in area. The United States of America is a big place to visit and there is lot, lot to be covered if you at all … Read more

Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Syria


Syria officially the Syrian Arab Republic, is a country in Western Asia. Syria is a country extremely rich in ancient history and also the oldest living city where some of the Biblical stories took place. Syria is country of fertile plains, high mountains and deserts; it is home to diverse ethnic and religious groups. Not … Read more