The Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Des Moines, Iowa

Downtown of Des Moines, Iowa

The capital city and most populous city in Iowa, Des Moines is a popular place to visit and to live. But is this the right destination for you? Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of visiting and living in Des Moines, Iowa: The Pros of Visiting Des Moines Des Moines … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Bluffton, SC

Dock on water in Bluffton, SC

Bluffton, South Carolina is a Low Country town located around Route 278, between Hilton Head Island and Interstate 95. The old town is located on a bluff along the May River. Many people have a wonderful time visiting the town or living here. But is it the right destination for you? Read on to find … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Bangor, Maine

Home of Stephen King, Bangor, Maine

Bangor, Maine is the main settlement of Penobscot county. It is a former timber hub, associated with legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan. But is Bangor the right place for a vacation? Could you even consider relocating to this small city? Read on to learn some of the pros and cons of visiting and living in Bangor, … Read more

Argentina VS Ecuador Travel Comparison And Highlights

Argentina VS Ecuador

Are you wondering where to go in South America?  In this article we compare Argentina and Ecuador – they both are very popular destinations among tourists. Comparison table and conclusion below it will answer questions like: Where to go Which one is better Which one is cheaper Or should you visit both places on your … Read more

Top Ten Tips on How to Travel Light

A woman traveling with a small suitcase

Traveling light has been one of the best things I have learned in long term travel. Gone are the days wherein I have to pack so much junk that I seldom use or sometimes do not even use at all. I remember in my past short trips (years ago when I was still employed) wherein … Read more

Enjoying Australia’s Gold Coast on a Shoestring

Australia’s Gold Coast

Australia is a destination that is known for giving budget travelers sticker shock, particularly in glitzy areas like the Gold Coast. The cost of food, accommodation, and travel can quickly add up, even if you’re doing little more than sitting and surfing these famous beaches. By keeping the following tips in mind, you can enjoy … Read more

Advantages of Renting a Condo in Grand Cayman

Condos in Grand Cayman by the sea

Living in a condominium on Grand Cayman is a better choice for those who want to own or rent a piece of paradise. Here’s why a condominium is the ideal residence for those who want to stay longer on the island (or those who just keep coming back! CONVENIENCE – Even if you are … Read more

A Step-By-Step Guide for Nomads, Moving to Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Germany, and in particular the city of Berlin, is a very popular hub for expats and digital nomads. The relatively low cost of living, together with a friendly and intellectual atmosphere make it a perfect place for expatriation. The biggest disadvantage of this city is that it is incredibly difficult to find a job that … Read more

5 of the Best Places Around the World for a Villa Holiday

A villa in Greece

Forget about staying in a hotel the next time you are on a holiday. It is a vacation cliché that you should get rid of. Instead, consider alternative forms of travel and accommodations. A villa stay can prove to be much better than staying in a hotel, especially in the following destinations. Bali If … Read more

How To Become a House Sitter and See The World

House sitting and traveling

Living a nomadic way of life is becoming increasingly popular. In our modern, ultra-connected world, it is easier than ever to forge connections, travel widely and work on the go. Couchsurfing or AirBNB options mean that there is ever more flexibility about where you can stay, and you could travel all around the world, spending … Read more