Oranjestad, Aruba Cruise Port Terminal – Map, Things to Do, Car Rental

Aruba cruise port and boats view

Aruba is known for being a happy place. It is a melting pot – home to over 90 nationalities. Port Aruba is also known as a happy place, for its weather most often sunny, while enjoying trade winds to add a touch of cool. But if you are on a cruise to Aruba, you might be wondering what you can expect from the port. www.travelrows.com

Aruba cruise terminal on the map and its reviews:

In 2017 Aruba infrastructure underwent $150 million worth of renovations, including pools, room redesigns, and upgrades to lobbies. So whatever you require while docked in Oranjestad, Aruba’s capital city, you are sure to find what you require.

Within Walking Distance From The Port:

Within walking distance of the Aruba port, passengers fresh of the ship will find many attractions and excursions:

* Enjoy shopping in luxury, at Renaissance Mall. Designers fashion houses with names like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, and Kate Spade.The Renaissance Mall offers a taxi stand for your transportation needs.

* Nearby the Crystal Casino open 24 hours a day. Offers 420 slot machines, Blackjack, and Roulette tables. With live music Tuesday through Sunday nights. It is the premier gaming house in Aruba.

* The Royal Plaza stands next to the Oranjestad bus terminal. Royal Plaza offers port Aruba guests souvenier shops, beach gear, and local boutiques. As well as two ATM’s. Near the Royal Plaza, you will find several dining options: The Paddock, Iguana Joes, and Mojitos Restaurant.

* For the snap happy Instagram traveler, you definitely need to grab a picture with the “I love Aruba” sign. The sign is in front of the Aruba parliament building and sits overlooking Seaport Marina.

* Within walking distance of the cruise port for Aruba, there are also multiple banks, pharmacies, and drug stores for all your travel needs.

* Port Aruba also hosts an Iconic city hall. Known as Stadhuis to locals this is an excellent spot for eloping. Once a home for local residents, now the City Hall has been restored and is a well-known part of Aruba.

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Car Hire at Port Aruba

If you want to travel a little further from you point of departure, you can rent a car. You should have no trouble doing so even without a reservation. The best way to independently explore the island’s terrain is by jeep. But jeeps go first, so book ahead if you can, or make sure you disembark as early as possible.

Should you prefer not to drive yourself, taxis are available on the dock. Agree your fare upfront for trips to the beach, or for 2 hour round trips of the island.

Port Aruba Accommodation

The Port of Aruba is a favorite cruise destination. You may be staying on board the vessel, but if you leave the ship here, you will find plenty of places to stay, from from small hostels to elaborate hotels and casinos. Contact us for help with booking pre and post stay hotels near Aruba Cruise Terminal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the closest beach to Aruba cruise port?

The Closest beach you can find near Oranjestad cruise port is Surfside Beach. Though, according to travelers reviews Eagles Beach is better and more popular. One more beach worth visiting – Manchebo Beach. Check out this map for details:

Where to find Aruba cruise port terminal’s schedule?

You can find current and the latest schedule by month on port’s official website: http://www.arubaports.com/main/cruiseship-schedules/  Fees and tariffs are also there. If some information is outdates, just give them a call.

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