Nicaragua – Where to Go and What to See First?

Nicaragua beaches

The Spanish speaking country of Nicaragua is not yet known as a highly populated tourist spot. This beautiful land consists mainly of Roman Catholics and is known for its poetic yet revolutionary citizen drive. Though it has yet to be named a mainstream tourist country the sites, cities, and activities are well worth visiting and exploring.

Nicaragua on the map:

To escape the mundane and find yourself engulfed in rare sites of nature, plan a trek through Nicaragua’s captivating territory. This is a country of exquisite natural beauty and hiking is one of the best ways to take advantage of the country views. There is a volcanic strip, in Nicaragua, that runs along the Pacific coast. This bit of territory is one of the main features known to avid hiker’s of the area. With over 50 volcanoes varying of all stages throughout the country there is no doubt to why this place has the richest of soils. Over the years the many eruptions that have taken place have attributed to the strong, healthy soil, and lush plant life throughout.


Nicaragua attractions

There are many attractions that should not be missed on a trip to this great country. The Ometepe Island, Corn Island, Montelimar and Granada, are a few of these attractions.

The spectacular city of Rivas is known as the splendid wildlife region. It has many breathtaking landscapes that are surrounded with green hills, forests filled with mystery, interesting animals, and the sounds of flowing fresh water streams. Within this city lies San Jorge. This is an isolated destination which recommends travelers come via four-wheel drive vehicles. Once you arrive you are rewarded for the journey. Beaches of sparkling waters surround, clean and clear views of Lake Nicaragua abound. This small village is home to a bustling port for commuters and fishermen. Visitors are enthusiastically greeted and welcomed by the native families and a sense of friendship blows through the air of San Jorge.

Nicaragua flagThe young at heart are welcome to come and enjoy the heart of Nicaragua and its culture and adventure. The elating volcano territory, expansive mountain views, exotic rainforests, and exquisite lakes send an invitation to all who will accept. This lovely section of the world is home to so many awe inspiring views, peaks, and crests.

Nicaragua welcomes tourists to come and share in the experiences that lie in store. The volcanoes whisper greetings and the forests echo salutation.

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