Niagara Falls Wedding and Honeymoon Ideas

Niagara Falls Waterfall view

Niagara Falls – on either the Canadian side or the American side – is a popular place for both weddings and honeymoons. In terms of cost and beauty, there is no other destination wedding spot in the world that is more preferred by brides and grooms.

Niagara Falls wasn’t always a wedding spot so much as it was a honeymoon spot. In the early 1800s the brother of Napoleon, Jerome Bonaparte and his bride honeymooned in Niagara Falls. Since that time, Niagara Falls has become the Honeymoon Capital of the World, and many famous couples have honeymooned there.

Niagara Falls was just designed for love and lovers, with many secluded woods, fields, and picnic areas. You will also find numerous restaurants that offer intimacy and privacy, with meals served with excellent wine and candlelight. The hotels in the area also cater to honeymooners with various honeymoon suites available, as well as honeymoon packages.

On the Canadian side, every honeymooning couple receives an official certificate signed by the Mayor. This certificate entitles the bride to free admittance to numerous attractions in and around Niagara Falls.

As for weddings, there are numerous choices and packages that will work for all budgets. While it may cost $20,000 to host a wedding at home, this isn’t so in Niagara Falls. Wedding packages are available for as little as $200 through some wedding companies.

Again, packages vary, and may include nothing but the ceremony and some flowers, to everything including accommodations and catering, depending on what you require. You can get married in one of the various chapels, or get married standing next to the falls, as you choose.

While there are private wedding companies that will arrange your wedding for you, many of the higher end hotels in the Niagara Falls area also offer wedding packages. Again, these packages are often ‘all-inclusive’ meaning that they may cover accommodations, wedding consultants, catering, flowers, and more.

Many of the packages will include help in obtaining the proper legal paperwork for the marriage as well, such as the marriage license. Photos and decorations are usually also included, but the attire is usually provided by the bride and groom.

No matter which side you will be wedding and honeymooning on, make sure that you bring your passport along. Regardless of which side you start on, you will definitely want to jump across the border to visit the other side as well. Remember that it can take approximately six to eight weeks to obtain a passport.

If you want to elope, Niagara Falls is the place to do it. There are packages that are suited for 2 – 10 people, at one cost (just under $300). This package includes decoration, music, a wedding official, a commemorative certificate, and two witnesses.

Are you already married? You can renew your vows in beautiful Niagara Falls. Many wedding companies offer this great packages for around $250, which includes decoration of the chapel, music, the wedding official, a commemorative certificate, and a wedding planner. Even if you are already married, you can still have the wedding of your dreams, and take that second honeymoon in Niagara Falls as well.

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