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Mystery and surprise vacations planning is one of our strong sides. Travelrows LLC sees life as an adventure and yes, if you want to travel into the unknown, it should be an adventure type trip. (Well, beach vacations are often bought as a surprise, but mostly as a gift).

What is a mystery vacation?

Mystery vacation is a trip, planned by a travel agent but not revealed until payment in full or arrival to the airport. There are a lot of types of mystery trips for all minds and budgets. The list below will help you to understand and pick your type of the surprise.

Main reasons to pack and go on a mystery trip:

  • you like Surprises and Unpredictable things
  • you have no idea where to go, you just Need/Want to go
  • you are Frustrated and can not pick 1 destination of 2, 3, 4…10

Types of mystery trips we provide

Note: When contacting us, pick one of the options below or let us know, that you are looking for custom options.

0. Custom requests

Custom mystery/surprise trips are fully based on your preferences and requirements. You will answer some of our questions and let us know, what kind of a vacation you would like to get. Based on your answers, we find a journey that fits you perfectly. You can even name us 3 destinations and we will pick 1 of it, reveal it only after you pay for it. Contact us for the list of questions and details.

1. Basic surprise tours and cruises

You share with us your type of personality, what you love and hate, your preferred budget and we pick a ready tour or a cruise for you. More information on tour and cruise options you can find here:

2. Weekend getaways

Surprise weekend getaways. You let us know your preferences and desired budget. We pick the destination according to your location. The flight/drive/other types of transportation won’t be long. We want to make sure you enjoy your vacation, not spend all the weekend flying there and back.

3. Secret hotel deals

In this case – you pick the destination and hotel stars. We book for you a secret hotel. Purpose of this type of surprise is to grab a cheap vacation or a hotel in a city center for an affordable price. More information about secret hotel deals are on this page:

4. Custom planned itineraries

One of our main services is itinerary planning. Why not to make it secret? You share where you want to go and for how long and we plan it for you. We will include the most interesting spots, fun activities and comfortable accommodations. More about itinerary planning you can read here:

5. Ready adventures and expeditions 

There are travel suppliers that offer great experiences – organized or private tours, that take you to uncommon places, like Amazon Forest, Antarctica, Papua New Guinea and so on. Those are pricy but you will remember it forever! It is fun NOT to know, where exactly you are heading and what to expect.

6. USA only airport surprise (aka”torture possible” )

No passports or visas. United States of America is amazing! From the wildest forest to the craziest cities. Emotions or total quietness. Rivers or mountains? Snow or heat? You like it or not! This is the mystery trip you can not have any choices. All you can pick is a budget $$$. You let us know, how much you can spend and your current location. Nothing else. You hate snow? Well, you have a very big chance of getting into snow. You hate water? Well, river cruise probably is waiting for you. You want a luxury hotel room? Camping is where you may end up in your brand new clothes. Sounds like fun? Contact us for details and learn how we solve weather/clothes question for you 🙂

7. City survivor

Why city? Why not a desert? Well, though you sign a waiver for any mystery trip, we still do not want you to be injured. We sell mystery trips but we do not film survivor shows. That is why, we do not through people into the wild. The purpose of the City Survivor Package is to send you to a foreign country/city. You pay for the tickets (where, you learn only at the airport) and get ready your passport and money + we provide you some clues. You will fly to a non-English speaking country and as soon as you land, you are on your own. You can use your phone, google maps, Uber or whatever you want/have money for. Make sure you will be back to the airport for your flight home.

8. Nature adventure

Pick nature type you want to live an adventure. Choices are: coastal, mountain, desert, jungle, polar, sea – we will take care of the rest. This type of mystery trip is perfect for hiking, fishing and other nature related tours. It is not a beach vacation. It is a lot about walking, climbing, jumping, swimming, riding and so on.

Important Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I do not like the destination, hotel or the idea?

This is the question #1 that appears in people’s mind when somebody tells them about mystery trips. This world is beautiful. I believe, every place has it is own attractiveness and uniqueness. It is like every person is unique and beautiful. The same about places. Another thing – sometimes we hate snow until we get into it up to our ears and then realize, how did we live all those years without it? Or, you get into it, realize, it is not for you, but you are thankful to life for the experience and knowledge how it can be.

Positive and open minded people usually take the most of mystery tours. Every time I have to experience something that I am not interested in, I try to learn as much as I can, this is a chance to get to know it. I would not even try to get to know it intentionally. Unintentionally, you experience somethings that you would never choose too. It is a great feeling and I never regret, never see it as time or money loss. I like to get to know things – good or bad. Hopefully you have a similar personality.

How to check it?

Lets say, you stuck in the airport because of a cancelled flight for 1 day. You have a choice of writing bad reviews about the airline company on numerous websites or to get outside and explore the city. What would you choose? Would you rather spend your time texting bad news to all your relatives and friends and post disappointed face on Instagram or jump into a bus/train/taxi to the city?

I would connect my phone to Wi-Fi, check the distance to the city, plan my way back so I am not late for the next flight and get out of the airport. Maybe that is why I have a travel company 🙂 I can not sit still. I love to explore new places and use every opportunity for it. Even if there is no chance to get outside of the airport, I will explore the airport itself and write an article about it 🙂

What are payment options for mystery vacations?

Mystery trips are the ones you pay in full right away. There are no options for deposits or monthly payments like for usual tours and cruises. Why? Just to cut off that doubt and a chance to cancel the trip. You wanted a mystery trip, you remember? You have to go on it, once you signed up 🙂 This is all about unpredictable things, things out of your control or decisions. Let it go, let yourself go!

By the way, all the payment still goes straight to the tour supplier/cruise line/airline. Travelrows LLC does not hold any of your money. As soon as the payment is paid, you can call the supplier to make sure that your booking exists. Or trust us, if you do not want to know the destination until you are in the airport with suitcases.

What if I just go to my online banking and check where the money went? Yes, that is right, you will be able to see the name of the tour supplier or a cruise line, but as we work with the largest ones, it will be hard to guess the destination, even if you know who you travel with.

What is the cost/fee for planning a mystery trip?

Service fee for any mystery trip or surprise vacation is 10% off the top of your budget. Invoice for the service fee is sent separate, as for the trip itself you pay direct to supplier and 10% service fee you pay to the Travelrows LLC company. As you are the one who determines the budget it is pretty easy to calculate, how much the planning will cost. Let’s say your trip budget is 1000$, then you will pay us 100$ for the service. So your trip in total will be 1100$. Contact us if you have more questions about fees and payments.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

How safe is it?

When purchasing basic mystery tours and cruises, weekend getaways and ready adventures, expeditions and secret hotel deals you get what any other tourist gets. A tour from a professional tour operator/travel supplier/cruise line/beach resort. You can purchase extra travel protection and travel insurance as any other our client would do. The only difference is that you do not know where you go. But once you find out the tour, you get All Ways Customer Support from Travelrows LLC and whatever is mentioned in the policy of travel supplier or a cruise line. You are totally safe.

If you choose a mystery package when most of the trip you are responsible for yourself, you have to sign a waiver. We strongly recommend to protect yourself with travel and health insurance, especially if you are going to place with higher risk for health or tourists. We do not sell trips to potentially dangerous destinations, wilderness, too cold and too hot places if you health does not allow it. But as you understand, on any trip somethings can happen. If you go into the mountains and fall off the cliff (if for some reasons you decided to climb on it), you understand that it is totally your responsibility. Nobody makes you do dangerous stuff.

How far in advance should I book a mystery vacation?

As early as possible. But there are no limits really. Limits may occur due to no tours/cruises left according to your requirements or your budget. If you are limited on budget, early bird booking always works better. Last minute trips are possible too. It totally depends on what type of a surprise vacation you are looking for. Contact us with your requirements and we will tell you how much time you have to decide and book.

How long are the trips?

The shortest trips are 2 nights/3 days. Those are weekend getaways with a short flight or ride. 2 night stays does not have to be on a weekend. You can pick any days of the week, depending of your days off at work. Ready tours and cruises depend on tour suppliers and cruise lines. Custom itineraries can be planned for as many days as you wish. If you would like to extend your stay, we will be happy to help you with changing your flight tickets and extending hotel stays.

Do I need a passport or a visa?

It depends on where you go. If you do, we let you know. If you want to travel within USA or your country, let us know.

Are mystery trips for all ages?

Absolutely! If you are planning on some crazy adventures, we warn you about age restrictions for babies, kids and seniors. We always warn about risks and if we think it is a bad idea, we do not make it come true.

Are mystery trips pets friendly?

Yes! There are a lot of beautiful places in the world (even near me or you, you just have no idea about them) that are dogs and cats friendly. Yes, your choice is limited as compare to traveling without pets and you may need some documents to get ready for traveling abroad, but everything is possible.