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Are you one of those who looks in the sky everyday? I wasn’t until I downloaded an app for my kids. The app is Globe Observer. That offers to make observations around you and one of them is clouds. The interesting part of it – is to take the pictures of clouds and submit them. The pics are used by scientists which may sound really cool for those who want to volunteer and contribute important data. My kids got bored with taking pics of clouds soon and the app was forgotten. But I never forget to look at the clouds any more. And they are beautiful! Every time I have a chance to take a picture, I do it. On this page I want to share with you my clouds photo collection. If you love the clouds and have your pics too – add them in comments. Under comments there is an option to add your picture or you can email me and I will add them manually. You can follow new clouds pictures in my Instagram account

Light through the clouds

Dark blue sky, sunset and mysterious clouds

Peaceful clouds on a peaceful day

Crowds of cloudsPink clouds - sunrise

Sometimes I am trying to give names to the pictures but I just don’t have enough words to express what I feel when I look at those clouds. Do you want to try?

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