“Must See” Places and Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada

Venectian Hotel in Las Vegas

The Chinese invented bets more than two thousand years ago, but it was in Las Vegas that the word “casino” was invented. On any high season day there are hundreds of thousands of visitors in the city. They are people who are mainly going to play, have fun, trusting the slogan that “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” These are 19 things you have to see and do in the game’s world capital. www.travelrows.com

1. Las Vegas Strip

This strip of Las Vegas Boulevard integrates the trio of the most famous streets in the United States, along with Fifth Avenue in New York and Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. It is the largest concentration of hotel rooms in the world, with 18 accommodation monsters that are in the top 25 worldwide. The name of Strip was given by Guy McAfee, a Los Angeles police officer and skilled businessman, alluding to Sunset Strip, the West Hollywood, California sector.

2. Downtown

Presumably, downtown Las Vegas is in the place where Mexican-Spanish merchant Antonio Armijo stopped in 1829 his caravan of carts with groceries to rest, marking the foundation of the settlement. Downtown is no longer the area of green grass and crystalline streams where Armijo’s beasts grazed and drank. Now it is a cement microcosm and people who speak in a hundred different languages, play, eat and have fun on Fremont Street and other busy road arteries.

3. Fremont Street

This downtown street lags behind the Strip in importance for the game and entertainment of Vega. It owes its name to John Charles Fremont, a North American explorer in the 19th century. In the Fremont there are or were some of the most filmed and photographed neon signs during the years of Las Vegas expansion from the mid-twentieth century. More recently, some well-known video clips, television productions, video games and movies have used Fremont Street as a location.

4. Flamingo Las Vegas

The time has come for you to enter the first casino and by history it is fair that it be to Flamingo. Successful gangsters are talented types for business and one of them, Bugsy Siegel, was the one who first captured the economic potential of an establishment that was at the same time a bookmaker, accommodation and entertainment venue. In 1946 Flamingo opened its doors and Las Vegas took off. The so-called Hotel Rosado for its neon pink lighting, is an Art Deco structure and you have to see it inside and out to start your setting in Las Vegas.

5. Mirage

The installation of the hotel and casino The Mirage on the Strip in 1989 produced a change of trend in the construction and gaming industries in Las Vegas, with an accelerated expansion of this area of the city, to the detriment of downtown. At the time, it was the most expensive hotel building in history, with an investment of 630 million dollars for its 3,044 rooms and other spaces. Among its attractions includes an artificial volcano and an aquarium with about 1,000 specimens.

6. Caesars Palace

This hotel and casino opened in 1966 entered the world stardom from the 1980s when it used to present the main fights for the world boxing championship titles in an arena outside the building. As a tribute to Caesar, its 3,349 rooms are divided into 5 towers with allegorical names to the Roman Empire: Roman, Augustus, Forum, Palace and Centurion. At the beginning of the 1980s, its immense parking lot was part of the circuit in which some Formula 1 Grand Prix races were held.

7. Paris Las Vegas

This Strip hotel and casino recreates the city of Paris in Las Vegas. Its facade with airs of Louvre and the Opera Palace, takes you slightly to a Paris in the middle of the Nevada desert. There are smaller-scale replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the Place de la Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe. It was inaugurated in 1999, with the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve doing the honors.

8. Excalibur

The architectural inspiration of this hotel and casino was the England of the mythical King Arthur. Apart from the sword of the character, which gives its name to the place, the main facade is shaped like a castle, with Merlin, the famous magician who would have lived in the Arthurian times, looking from above. It has facilities for the whole family. If you want to marry in Las Vegas with clothing and medieval style, the Excalibur makes things easier for you.

9. Venetian

This 4,049 suite resort – hotel – casino located on the Strip is the largest category 5 Diamond establishment in the United States. Its rooms offer more than 120 casino games, including slots in all modalities. It also has a wax museum similar to Madame Tussauds in London, where you can photograph yourself with amazingly true statues of Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith and other luminaries.

10. Stratosphere Las Vegas

This hotel and casino stands out in the distance for its 350-meter tower, the Stratosphere, which is the tallest non-hanging structure in the state of Nevada. The 2,444-room hotel is separated from the tower. On the roof of the tower there is a revolving restaurant and two observatories, which are the highest spaces in the world of its kind.

11. MGM Grand Las Vegas

This hotel and casino is integrated into a huge commercial space that includes a convention center, 16 restaurants, night clubs and other establishments. The complex has 6,852 accommodations, including rooms, suites, lofts and villas. Its water entertainments are spectacular, with swimming pools, artificial rivers and waterfalls.

12. Bellagio

It is a 5 Diamonds Strip hotel and casino, one of the most luxurious establishments in Las Vegas. His architectural inspiration was the Lake Como resort in Bellagio, Italy. For the setting in Como, they built an artificial lake of more than 32 thousand square meters, including the Bellagio fountains. Another attraction is a botanical garden that changes with each season.

13. Mandalay Bay

It is a resort and casino that has 3,309 rooms. It has a convention center of 93,000 square meters, an event center, artificial beach, artificial river with waterfall, wave pool, heated pools, topless pool, saltwater aquarium and 24 establishments for eating and drinking.

14. Luxor

Honoring his name, his theme revolves around Ancient Egypt. It alludes in the denominations of its spaces to the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Luxor and other names linked to the time of the pharaohs. It is connected by a monorail with the Mandalay Bay and the Excalibur. The pyramid was built in 1993, being at the time the highest construction of the Strip.

15. Treasure Island

It is a hotel and casino of 2,885 rooms, located on the Strip. It began with some attractions of pirate shows and combats, which he later abandoned. It has category 4 Diamonds and communicates with the Mirage by a tram.

16. Planet Hollywood

This tourist complex with casino has gone through several atmospheres until reaching the current one. In the 1960s it was called King’s Crown and was of imperial English theme. Then he adopted an Arab orientation, highlighting his nightly shows with dancers. Now it’s hollywoodense.

17. Mafia Museum

Even roulette, Black Jack and slot machines can get tired. If you want to leave the hotel to get away from the gaming tables, Las Vegas offers many entertainment options without betting. One of the most curious is the Mafia Museum, which could not have found a better city to settle. You will have a fun time, knowing gangsters and the ingenious ways in which they robbed you (?) Of casinos.

18. Grand Canyon

Since you are in Las Vegas, you may well take advantage of the trip to get to know the Grand Canyon. There are many tour operators in Las Vegas that organize the tours, departing from the hotels. You can make a trip by land or fly over the cannon by helicopter. Once in the place, you have the option of rafting on the Colorado River. Most itineraries include a stop at the famous Hoover Dam and the chilling Skywalk, the glass walkway more than 1,200 meters above the depression of vertigo.

19. Extreme Excursion

The desert surrounding Las Vegas is the setting for extreme entertainment, particularly with motor vehicles. These excursions in two, three and four wheel vehicles are offered by operators in hotels and other places in Las Vegas. They have vehicles and safety implements. You just have to bring your thirst for adventure.

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