Mountain Skiing in Spain – The Catalonia and The Aragon Pyrenees

Pyrenees Mountains, view from a plane

We have already mentioned on this website about the beaches of Spain; the truth is that Spain is not only all about beaches. The country offers a winter wonderland made possible by the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains. These slopes provide visitors with an expansive area to enjoy all kinds of winter sports. You don’t need to be skiing or snowboarding to take part in the action, as a visit to the Pyrenees Mountains will leave you entertained with its host of facilities and services. At minimum, the amazing views will keep you stunned.

The Spanish side of the Pyrenees Mountains offers over fifteen resorts. Visitors traveling to Spain will have the pleasure of experiencing the best in leisure, sports, and accommodation. There is something for the entire family. Children will not be disappointed when they come across the array of snow parks and other services and facilities open to them. People who enjoy dining will be pleased to find many restaurants offering the gastronomical delights of Spain. Other activities that are available to visitors include hot air balloon flights, hiking, ice skating, paragliding, cycling, white water rafting and much more.

The Spanish Pyrenees Mountains can be divided into two regions: the Catalonia Pyrenees and the Aragon Pyrenees.

The Catalonia Pyrenees

Of the ski resorts in Catalonia Pyrenees, the most impressive, according to many people, is the Baqueira-Beret resort. With challenging runs that are ideal for experienced skiers, as well as large regions fit for beginners, it can satisfy skiers of all experience levels. Avid skiers who travel to Spain make sure to visit the location that boasts fabulous orientation and altitude. Further, the Baqueira-Beret resort offers five hundred snow cannons that ensure that the sloped stay full of snow throughout the season. The climate of the region is spectacular with its bright sun, which appears even in the coldest of months. With popular restaurants, ski rinks, and heated swimming pools in the area, tourists can revel in relaxation and fun. The architecture of the Catalonia Pyrenees region is stunning. Visitors interested in art and culture can take in the Romanesque architecture from the 12th and 13th centuries that grace buildings in the villages of Salardu, Bossot, and Arties. Traditional Pyrenean architecture also runs through the area.

Other ski resorts in the area include the Masella and the La Molina. There is a relaxed feel at these venues, as après ski is big here. So, get ready to lounge about and relax among other tourists and visitors. You will see people from all parts of the world taking advantage of the beautiful experience in Spain. A place to visit is the town of Puigcerdá, which is the capital of the La Cerdaña area.

In the central Pyrenees right in the Boi Valley, the Boi Taull Resort is located. This resort offers skiing and many other leisure and touristic activities. The highest resort of the Pyrenees, it is also the most modern. It is taken care of with utmost attention. Further, there are stunning examples of Romanesque architecture nearby. If you are interested in sightseeing, you can visit numerous Spanish villages like Erill la Vall, Sant Feliu, San Clemente de Taull, and Santa Maria. Some of these are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Your travel to Spain will be much more memorable if you visit them.

In Aigues Tortes, in a village called Espot, you will find ski lifts that are perfect for experienced skiers. You will also find activities like paragliding, horseriding, kayaking, hiking, and white water rafting in the nearby villages of Esterri d’Aneu, Llavorsi, and Sort. Further, for more fun you can try the resorts at Tavascan, Vallter 2000, and Port del Compte.

The Aragon Pyrenees

The Aragon Pyrenees consists of various resorts that are frequented by thousands of skiers every season. The Arago, Benasque, and Tena River valleys converge here and it’s a big hotspot for skiers. A well-known resort in the region is Candanchu. With an international cross-country skiing circuit that joins to Somport, a French resort, Candanchu is well worth a visit. Individuals interested in getting a lesson during their trip to Spain can take advantage of the fact that the ski school of this resprt is among the best of the country. About four kilometers away is another resort that is well-known called Astun. After a day of skiing, hop onto the town of Jaca where you can enjoy leisure activities of the area.

The highest resort in the entire Pyrenees mountain range falls in the Aragon side. It is called Cerler and it is located in the Benasque valley. Huge peaks surround the area and the resort boasts the first six-person chair lift of Spain. It also has a drop of 2,700 meters to Ampriu and 800 meters from El Gallinero. It is bound to satisfy the most avid skier.

If you are the kind of person who craves après ski action, you will be happy to know that the village of Benasque delivers what you need. With restaurants, cafes, and bars that stay open until after midnight, you know you will have a fun stay in the area. What is a skiers day without some after ski entertainment and leisure?

Further, at the Tena Valley, right at the heart of the Aragon Pyrenees, you will find a couple of resorts that just might keep you happy. They are the Panticosa and Formigal. These resorts are rather easy to reach. They are just over three hours away from Madrid by car. Set in the beauty of nature, these resorts do not only offer spectacular skiing, but also a great après ski atmosphere and fun night time action.

Therefore, during your travel to Spain, check out the Aragon Pyrenees scene if you are into skiing and all kinds of winter sports, as well as mingling, socializing, and dining out. You will definitely not be disappointed. What could be better than a day of fun on the slopes followed by relaxation and fun? The slopes of Spain are definitely where the action is at during the wintertime. During the summertime, however, you need to check out the beaches of Spain.

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